In the few short years since CBD made headlines for treating childhood epilepsy, this all-natural compound has undergone a transformation. Once vilified for its associated with cannabis, people are now taking advantage of its medicinal properties in increasingly innovative ways.

Take for example CBD in aromatherapy. Osiris, a Swiss company, is combining age-old aromatherapy techniques with CBD as a novel ingredient in their therapeutic CBD Aroma Care Oil oil and roller.

Essential oils, distilled from herbs and wild plants, have a deep history of use around the world. Used for the mind, body, and soul, aromatherapy continues to defy scientific logic. How can a simple scent, derived from nature, trigger emotional, spiritual, and even physical sensations? Why do citrus aromas invigorate and lavender soothe? Isn’t a scent just a scent?

People around the world continue to rely on aromatherapy as an alternative therapy – and the science seems to at the very least support aromatherapy for boosting mood. This trait might be why it’s helpful when used for health and wellness. If you have a headache, minor aches, and pains, or other mild health issues, aromatherapy just might make you feel better.

Boosting the Benefits of Aromatherapy with CBD Oil

Osiris is encouraging the mood enhancement of aromatherapies by combining essential oils with the known healing properties of CBD oil sourced from imported hemp. In their CBD Aroma Care Oil roller, the soothing qualities of essential oils are combined with the healing characteristics of CBD.

Cannabidiol, derived from the Cannabis sativa family of plants, is scientifically proven in preliminary research to have many compelling benefits to human health. It’s an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, pain reliever, and more. Research is ongoing about its benefits in topical applications, but when taken orally it’s also well known to have benefits for balancing mood.

Feeling anxious? Feeling a little down, or overly stressed out from a long day at work? Many people are already relying on the therapeutic properties of CBD oil to help them get through the day.

Beyond the pure CBD extract Osiris includes in their lineup of aromatherapy products, they have also carefully crafted natural ingredients to complement the healing powers of CBD oil. For example, some of the essential oils included are citrus inspired, and geraniol commonly sourced from rose oil. The carrier oils also make for gentle absorption of the medicinal ingredients through the skin.

Why Use Osiris CBD Aroma Care Oil?

There’s a reason you can find Osiris’ products in more than 50 pharmacies in Switzerland. People who tried their products love it and get the relief they are seeking. Roll the CBD Aroma Care Oil over temples, on the neck, or on the soft underside of the wrists for pure relaxation. It’s a simple tool to keep in your toolbox when you are overworked, overstressed and need to chill out. Osiris recommends a twice a day application, once in the evening and once at night, but no matter how many times a day you need it, it’s safe and effective.

Osiris has recently launched their website, you can find them here!