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Oregon Grew Over A Million Pounds Of Weed That No One Is Smoking – What Will They Do With It?

Oregon is sitting on an immense stockpile of unsold cannabis, to the tune of 1.3 million pounds. This equates to an estimated 1.1 billion half-gram joints, underscoring the issue of cannabis overproduction.

The Growth of Oregon’s Cannabis Industry

Oregon’s cannabis industry has grown significantly since recreational marijuana was legalized in 2014. However, this expansion has led to a major problem of overproduction. The state’s consumption is far less than the production, with Oregonians consuming less than 375,000 pounds annually.

The Challenge: Diverted Legal Weed to Black Market

Government officials and the cannabis industry face a daunting challenge. A significant amount of legally-grown cannabis is ending up on the black market. It’s estimated that around a third of the state’s legal weed is being sold illegally.

Regulations and Oversight: Are They Working?

In an attempt to control the situation, state regulators have introduced new rules to increase the oversight of growers, cultivators, and processors. Yet, these updated regulations haven’t resolved the issue of excess marijuana.

Pioneering Solution: A Bill for Exporting Excess Cannabis

A group of lawmakers and cannabis industry insiders propose a groundbreaking solution – exporting the surplus marijuana to other states where it’s legalized, like Washington and California. This proposed bill, the first of its kind, could fundamentally change the game, despite being in conflict with federal regulations.

The Future of Oregon’s Cannabis Industry

Unless the export bill is passed or another solution is proposed, Oregon’s cannabis retail sector will face continuous price drops and the threat of federal crackdowns. Nevertheless, the proposed solution brings a glimmer of hope and potentially a new direction for managing the supply-demand balance in the cannabis industry.

8 responses to “Oregon Grew Over A Million Pounds Of Weed That No One Is Smoking – What Will They Do With It?”

  1. Now that you can grow Cannabis, the people are going to get greedy. It’s nice that you don’t have to keep a record of the pounds you have. And where it goes. Not have to pay taxes on it. I bet the grows can’t explain how they paid for all the toys they have.

  2. Leslie Blake says:

    Please pick me I would love to work for y’all !!! I’m 45 and it helps me threw my pains


    Perhaps, since we don’t need so much weed, the growers can focus on growing quality, instead of that crap in the stores that doesn’t even smell like weed…Quality over quantity!

  4. Rosalie Oliveri-Machuca says:

    make Rosen & Cooking oil & butter

  5. CLINT says:

    Make RSO / FECO and give it to cancer patients as a government study. https://patents.google.com/patent/US8632825B2/en

  6. Willard B. Lively says:

    The drug laws were never entered into the Congressional Record as is required (back in the 70s) and therefore have been null and void. I was incarcerated in the Feds for “manufacturing marijuana” and ran into someone who had tried to get a Federal judge to recognize his case. None will hear it. (Think of all the illegal incarceration suits) However, due to the Feds premise for prohibition as being a Commerce Clause issue (intrastate Commerce), the black market sales between the states would give the Feds jurisdiction. I can see massive seizures from black market sales. Watch out for the IRS for not reporting (semi) legal sales. (co-mingling assets).

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