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America’s Sweetheart Oprah Winfrey Also Loves To Smoke Weed

It may come as a surprise to some that one of the world’s most adored and influential TV hosts, Oprah Winfrey, has openly admitted to enjoying marijuana on occasion. Despite the conclusion of her legendary show in 2011, Oprah remains as busy as ever, captivating audiences with her philosophical insights into human relationships. Interestingly, her confidante and business partner, Gayle King, has revealed that Oprah finds relaxation in cannabis consumption.

Recently, during an interview on The Ellen Show, the topic of cannabis came up in a discussion between Gayle King and Ellen DeGeneres. They reminisced about Ellen’s grand 60th birthday celebration, which celebrities like Kanye West, John Legend, and Kim Kardashian attended. Ellen playfully admitted that there may have been some marijuana consumption at the event and mentioned that Amy Schumer was eager to share a joint with Gayle.

Gayle’s Confession and Oprah’s Cannabis Love

Responding to Ellen’s comment, Gayle King admitted that she had never tried a “marijuana cigarette” and humorously described herself as a “total square.” It was at this moment that Gayle openly acknowledged Oprah’s affinity for marijuana, stating, “Oprah has also smoked a little marijuana too, I don’t mind saying that.” Ellen, intrigued by the revelation, inquired further about Oprah’s relationship with cannabis, but Gayle gracefully changed the subject, displaying her loyalty to her business partner.

Oprah’s Mysterious Cannabis Habits

Although there is no current confirmation from Oprah herself regarding her current cannabis consumption, she has spoken about it in the past. During the series finale of the David Letterman show in 2015, Oprah revealed that it had been thirty years since she last smoked cannabis. Remarkably, she provided the same timeframe when questioned about the topic in 2013. As of now, whether America’s sweetheart indulges in marijuana as much as we indulge in her wisdom remains a mystery.

King’s Choice: High on Life

During the candid conversation on the Ellen Show, Gayle King expressed her preference for getting “high on life” rather than through cannabis use, a sentiment that resonated with the audience, including concerned mothers in the live crowd.

In conclusion, Oprah Winfrey, the beloved TV host known for her profound insights and empathetic nature, has been candid about her past experiences with marijuana. Whether she still partakes in the occasional puff remains uncertain. However, one thing is clear—Oprah’s impact and influence on millions of lives continue to make her America’s sweetheart, regardless of her personal choices.

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