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Marlboro Owner Invests 1.8 Billion In Cannabis Market

We already reported this investment earlier this year, and now it’s confirmed. Tobacco giant Altria is jumping on the cannabis bandwagon.

Altria – one of the world’s largest tobacco companies – announced a $1.8 billion investment in cannabis company Cronos Group. Through this investment, Altria would get a 45% equity stake in Cronos with the option to increase ownership in the company to 55% over the next four years.

Canadian Cronos Group offers production and distribution platforms for medical marijuana in Canada and Germany.

“Investing in Cronos Group as our exclusive partner in the emerging global cannabis category represents an exciting new growth opportunity for Altria,” Howard Willard, Altria’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, told CNN.

Altria’s investment is expected to give Cronos Group the funds and support for additional growth and expansion.

“Altria is the ideal partner for Cronos Group, providing the resources and expertise we need to meaningfully accelerate our strategic growth. The proceeds from Altria’s investment will enable us to more quickly expand our global infrastructure and distribution footprint, while also increasing investments in R&D and brands that resonate with our consumers,” Cronos Group CEO Mike Gorenstein said.

The transaction got finalized in mid-2019.

6 responses to “Marlboro Owner Invests 1.8 Billion In Cannabis Market”

  1. Ahmed says:

    Hello , i just want to ask this question because still i am not sure that cannabis is good for health , i have almost done 99% research but still am not sure so can you please help me out .

  2. Alma Mercer says:

    wow , nice move , maybe now this will help to get rid of the negativity that Tobacco has cost companies . wondered when these said inducements to per-mote trust funds for states will end ? I know the funds have been spent unwisely here .

  3. Robin says:

    How do I invest in this?

  4. Ronald Reeder says:

    Send information about investment

  5. T says:

    You can go to the bank and ask for the financial adviser who deals in Stocks.
    That being said, the cigarette companies will mix tobacco and weed together and ruin the whole thing. Tobacco is bad. Weed is good.
    Putting them both together is also bad.
    Buy from a regular trusted dealer, not a profit company like Marlboro. (Altria)

  6. Mike says:

    Marketers in Marlboro know a lot about business, and where I need to invest money, the cannabis market is developing at a fast pace, I think this is a good investment.

    Thanks for great post

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