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New QR access code needed to visit coffeeshops

The Netherlands is rolling out a new measurement to battle COVID-19.

From the 26th of September visitors of any restaurant or catering establishment like bars have to prove they are vaccinated or are tested negative on COVID-19.

This is done by a QR code that can be generated after testing negative or being vaccinated twice. When you recover from corona you’re able to get a QR access code as well.

Terraces are exempted from the rule. The problem is if you need to go to the toilet inside you’ll need a code. Takeaway establishments don’t require a QR access code.

So what does this mean for Coffeeshops in the Netherlands? Well, some coffee shops will only open for takeaway. Some coffee shops allow people to sit and consume cannabis after showing a QR access code. Some coffee shops allow you to sit without a QR code and risk a fine or closure.

Want to know exactly what the rules are in your favorite coffee shop? We would recommend checking the coffeeshops social media, website or give them a call to avoid having your plans messed up on your visit to the Netherlands.

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