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What You Need to Know About the Volcano Vaporizer

Today vaporization is the preferred method used by many marijuana lovers to ultimately release the best possible flavors and aromas locked away in their chosen strain of herb. Vaporizing is the big trend when it comes to marijuana and has continued to grow exponentially with more and more dry herb vaporizers flooding the market. The reason? Vaporizing is heavily regarded as the superior method over combustion, it heats the material without burning it resulting in a fine mist opposed to smoke, thus releasing more aromas in a much healthier manner.

One of the more popular devices that has made its way onto the vaporizer scene is a desktop vaporizer known as the Volcano Vaporizer, one of the more versatile devices for these purposes. Created in Germany by Storz & Bickel Company, this device demonstrates the finest in German engineering, offering an extremely gentle release which makes sure even delicate fragrant materials can reach full potential.

How Does It Work?

The Volcano Vaporizer is a desktop vaporizer, which works on heating materials gradually with the use of hot air. This air flows through the material at a precise temperature, that can also be adjusted, which allows vaporizable materials to gently release without the risks of burning them.

It comes with an attached balloon which fills up with vapor as it is released. Once the balloon fills up, it is easy to remove where you can choose to then inhale or release the vapors into the air. If you choose to release the vapors, this device is a lot more effective when it is used in an enclosed and small environment, to ensure the benefits of the vapor have not been lost as it diffuses.

Reasons to Vape Instead of Smoke

Burnt materials are known for releasing aroma’s yet they also release a number of harmful chemicals and toxins which are inhaled when smoking and as we now know, inhaling these chemicals are bad for our health and wellbeing. The Volcano Vaporizer avoids this issue by never burning the materials but rather releasing the aromas safely into the air. Now, I’m not saying you should quit smoking joints or blunts altogether as I still do myself, however, if stopping isn’t an option, simply reducing the amount of smoke you inhale can help improve your health and lungs more than you could imagine, and using a vaporizer is the healthier answer.


The Volcano Vaporizers are available in two types. This includes the Volcano Digital Vaporizer and the Volcano Classic Vaporizer. The Volcano Digital Vaporizer is the newer version which comes at a higher price, yet it also comes with increased functionality. These models are very similar, yet the Classic features a thermostat that comes with the rotary dial that controls the temperature. The Digital version features a digital heat-sensor with an LED display that clearly display’s the temperature.

The main difference between the two is that the Classic ranges in temperatures from between 130° and 230°C, while the Digital can lower its temperature to 40°, which makes it more suitable for an increased range of the vaporizable materials.


The Volcano Vaporizer has been a big player on the market for around five years now, which in the vaporizer industry is some going. For a vaporizer to still be going strong over such a long period is a testament to its quality and a testament to the Storz & Bickel brand. The vapor quality is outstanding and we would go as far to say it produces the best vapor of any other vaporizer we have tried before. But don’t trust one guy on the internet’s opinion, try it for yourself, you won’t regret it.

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