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Everything You Need to Know about Namaste MD

Two of the biggest marijuana related companies in Canada have come together to develop an exciting new telemedical application which could change the way people receive their medical marijuana prescriptions.

Namaste Technologies and OCannabis have combined their unique set of skills to develop a mobile and PC application which will allow people to speak to a trained medical marijuana healthcare professional form the comfort of their own homes. This service is called Namaste MD and is currently available on the Apple Store and Google Play Store, as well as on PC at namastemd.com.

How Does Namaste MD Work?

The service will allow users to hold a consultation with a nurse practitioner over an Internet video call, to see if they qualify for a medical marijuana prescription. Users will be able to receive their prescription in four easy steps:

  1. Complete a short medical registration form.

  2. Sign-up for a video call appointment at an available time slot.

  3. Hold a consultation with a trained nurse practitioner specializing in medical marijuana at the given appointment time.

  4. Receive the online prescription code eligible for use at any licensed producer.

What Makes These Companies Qualified?

The combination of the two companies, Namaste Technologies and OCannabis, brings a unique set of skills to this new industry which have not yet been seen. Namaste Technologies own some of the largest online vaporizer stores in the world, such as Namaste Vapes and Everyone Does It, and are experienced in using technology to run and maintain their businesses. This level of understanding of both technical website development and the marijuana industry puts Namaste Technologies in a perfect position to create such a service They are aiming to provide those people in need of medical marijuana consultation services with a choice regarding how to find out more about its potential health benefits, and how to receive a prescription if it could benefit them.

Canada’s only nurse-practitioner led medical cannabis screening clinic OCannabis is at the forefront of providing medical marijuana education and expertise to Canadian marijuana patients. OCannabis boasts a huge number of healthcare professionals extremely well versed in the uses of medical marijuana and its application. This company will provide the NamasteMD nurses which are essential to making the service a success.

Together, these two companies have created a service which combines the technical expertise of Namaste Technologies, and the medical marijuana patient care knowledge of OCannabis. Te result is an application which could be revolutionary in the medical marijuana space and help change the lives of thousands of people across Canada

What Makes NamasteMD so Different?

Namaste MD is a service which puts people in contact with a trained nurse practitioner right in their front rooms. This is extremely convenient for people who may feel judged when receiving their prescription from their local clinic, but for those that struggle to leave the house because of their health problems, this could be life-changing.

Not only does the service allow people who would otherwise struggle to get out of the house for a consultation receive one, but it also offers this service for free. This means that those wanting to know a bit more about medical marijuana but not necessarily sure that it’s for them can schedule an appointment to have a consultation regardless.

Digitalisation for Medical Marijuana Prescriptions

So, with Namaste MD there is nothing stopping Canadians who could benefit from the positive effects of marijuana from finding out more and even getting a prescription without having to leave their house. This could be an innovation which could change the way marijuana is prescribed forever and go some way to making it more socially accepted across Canada and ultimately the world.

You can find out more on the Namaste MD website where you can also organise a consultation on your PC. Or, you can download the app on the Apple Store here and Google Play Store here.

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  1. Will says:

    This app is awesome, it’s so hard to get a marijuana consultation atm, even though it’s been legalized. These guys make it easy

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