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Teach Your Kids About Hemp with My First Grow Kit

Yes, you read the title correctly, there is a kit called “my first grow kit” out there for growing your first hemp plant.

My First Grow Kit

My First Grow Kit

This is a great kit for those interested in the plant, looking just to contribute to growing it or using it in everyday life as hemp can be very versatile. This kit though has a different audience than you might think. The kit is aimed to be used by kindergarteners who want to grow their very first hemp plant (or for stoner mommies and daddies who want to have some fun with their kids ;)).

Now I am sure many are thinking we are now letting our children grow cannabis in school, but that is not the case at all. In fact, on my first grow’s website they have a statement to reassure individuals that the hemp plant is indeed part of the cannabis family but it does not contain the same psychoactive effects that cannabis does. This is the UK’s way of teaching children to garden and grow plants at a young age just like we use to do in the kindergarten in the US, except we grew beans.

How do you get one?

For starters, you can head on over to myfirstgrow to order your kit for only £4.99. When your kit arrives, you should receive the following items:

The My First Grow Package contains the following items:

1x Growing cup
1x Packet of hemp seeds (approximately six seeds in each)
1x Packet of compressed soil
1x Instructions and hemp information leaflet
2x My First Grow stickers

This kit has everything you will need to get you or your child ready for their first hemp grow  It even includes the mascot known as Leafy on the stickers provided for the My First Grow kit. In addition to the seeds, there is a guarantee that these seeds contain less than 1% THC.

How did it all start?

The idea came to the founder Greg Lonsdale when he was watching his 4-year old nephew play with his grow your own tomato and pepper kits. He was joking with his sister about how he should make a grow your own hemp kit and shortly after, he was selling them.

He has reported that more than 10,000 kits have been shipped all over the world including places like Brazil, Sydney, and the US. Greg has considered starting a My First Poppy Grow kit, per his grandmother’s suggestion as she grows the common red poppy, Papaver rhoeas which contain trace amounts of opium just like hemp contains trace amounts of THC.

Let us know in the comments what you think about the kit.

9 responses to “Teach Your Kids About Hemp with My First Grow Kit”

  1. Avatar Tim says:

    What do we do with the plant once its done?

  2. Teddy says:

    I want one

  3. C Griffiths says:

    Great idea I want one it makes great paper I’m told

  4. shawn roberts says:

    Love the idea,our kids need something like this to keep their minds off of other things,tv,Xbox, or just sitting around being lazy,I grow for my son and I and evert ime I got check my garden he’s right there beside me,so it would be a great experience for our kids to learn for our future

  5. Mandy says:

    Send it to Germany too? I want obe for my little cousine 😍

  6. Emily says:

    I purchased 3 kits and gave them to my kids for Easter. Not a single seed has sprouted…Has anyone else had any luck with their kits?

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