MoonRocks Vs SunRocks – What Will Get You Higher?
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It has finally happened: Space cannabis (Moonrocks 2.0) has arrived!

Marijuana Meteors

Kurupt’s MoonRocks came on the scene not too long ago and quickly became the cannabis of choice for more adventurous smokers. MoonRocks are created by dipping Girl Scout Cookie bud in hash oil and then coating the bud in kief.

When you think about it, Kurupt’s MoonRocks are basically the “turducken” of cannabis if turducken was made of crumbly, dusty, cannabis with an extremely high THC content.

Kurupt’s MoonRocks test at about 60% THC.

As of late, some other celestial cannabis products have come on the market. SunRocks are now being sold by a few different producers, most notably Big Tray Dee and Apollo SunRocks.

SunRocks take the “More THC is better” philosophy of the MoonRock and kick it up a notch.

How SunRocks Differ from MoonRocks

SunRocks are infused with concentrated THC rather than hash oil. Essentially SunRock smokers are doing a dab and consuming dried cannabis at the same time. SunRocks are potent and are not recommended for newbies!

Big Tray Dee’s SunRocks are made by infusing OG bud with concentrated THC and then dusting the bud with kief. Apollo SunRocks also uses OG bud, but they infuse their bud with propane concentrated hash oil, which essentially becomes a solvent-free wax which they also coat with kief.

SunRocks retail for $550 an ounce or $25 a gram, which may seem like a steep price but is not really that expensive when you consider the bang that you are getting for your buck.

A Dab Will Do Ya (pun intended)

SunRocks are potent. Like MoonRocks, SunRocks typically produce test results of 60% THC, and in the case of SunRocks made with King Louis OG, as high as 80%.

It is advisable for anyone new to SunRocks to start with a pinch of SunRock and mix it in with some more standard cannabis rather than smoking pure SunRocks.

Pure SunRocks would probably be a bit too potent for all but the most experienced smokers.

Picture Credit: Karl Kronic


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