When it comes to weed apparel, it can be hard to dig past the abundance of tie-dye and rasta colored pot leaves and find something that suits your taste. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite pieces of modern weed clothing and accessories for stylish stoners who want to make a statement.  

Modern Weed Tees and Tanks

Munchies Tank – Our pot leaf and munchies tank is for anyone who lives with weed in their heart and tacos in their belly. 

Oscar the Nug Shirt – If there’s one thing that can cure Oscar’s grouchy demeanor, it’s a couple hits of Blue Dream. 

Smoking Unicorn Sweatshirt –  Everyone needs a cozy smoking sweatshirt. If yours doesn’t have a chubby pink unicorn on it, go fix that right now. I’ll wait.

Green Lungs T-shirt – This is the perfect shirt for anyone who answers “do you smoke?” with “smoke what, cigarettes?” 

Strain Printed t-shirts – To a non-cannabis smoker, Strain Printed shirts look like an inconspicuous logo design. But to fellow 420 enthusiasts, the strain names will give away your game. Find strain logo t-shirts for Pineapple Express, Sour Diesel, Durban Poison, and more.

Modern Weed Accessories

Miss Mary Jane Co. – The Miss Mary Jane shop is the go-to spot to make any stoner girl’s wardrobe dreams come true. Browse through the jewelry section and you’ll find delicate selections of pot leaf pendants. Miss Mary Jane also has an unmatched selection of 420-themed bikinis in their apparel section.

High Society Collection Roach Clip necklaces – These roach clip necklaces are a must-have for every woman who loves to light up a joint. Inconspicuous geometric designs suit any style and come in a variety of silver, gold, and bronze finishes. 

Smokeey Smoke Ring – Smokeey is perfect for gamers who like to play while smoking a joint. Consider it an extra hand that keeps your weed ready to go when you are.

420 Triple Triangle Sock – HUF is known for its line of discreet cannabis clothing. Jazz up your work attire with these subtle potleaf socks, available in red, blue, or black. 

420 Snapbacks – If you’re a snapback collector, add some 420 to your collection with a hat from The High Rise Co. Whether it’s a bold statement or “less is more” approach you seek, this collection has a hat for everybody’s taste.