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Miley Cyrus Petitions For ‘National Weed Holiday’ With Throwback Photo

Today, people can petition for anything they believe is a worthy cause.

Therefore, Miley Cyrus wants to know who is on board with her latest proposal.

Cyrus took to her social media with a throwback pic from over a decade ago, to ask fans if they could petition for a National Smokers Holiday.

This week, Cyrus posted to her Instagram page with an 11-year-old throwback picture of herself hitting a bong.

We all know that Miley is a huge pothead, she even claimed once that nobody is smoking more than her.

Fans swarmed the “Don’t Call Me Angel” star’s comment section. Someone wrote, “Hannah Montana gone wild,” while another noted “a moment in history.”

A user’s comment that read “this picture broke the internet, queeen” had received over two thousand likes. It seems that “The Climb” singer has a hoard of supporters for her new holiday proposal.

4 responses to “Miley Cyrus Petitions For ‘National Weed Holiday’ With Throwback Photo”

  1. Brooke says:

    She’s not very smart. 4/20 is already a weed holiday. Lmao

  2. Jay says:

    She just wants credit for 4/20 and on top of that she needs to chill saying nobody has smoked more weed than her cuz that’s just not true

  3. Bayleigh miller says:

    Fuck yea Miley! 420 make it a real holiday!

  4. Kenny says:

    4/20 is also Hitlers birthday

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