Miley Cyrus: “I Was Chased By UFO, Made Eye Contact With An Alien After Smoking Weed From A Guy In A Van” - International Highlife

Miley Cyrus: “I Was Chased By UFO, Made Eye Contact With An Alien After Smoking Weed From A Guy In A Van”

Miley’s vivid storytelling ability is as famous as her music. From engaging tales of her parents, Billy Ray and mom, she is exploring the intricate world of cannabis to her claim that she partakes in marijuana usage more than established industry figures like Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson, her narratives never fail to captivate.

Miley’s Extraterrestrial Experience: A UFO Encounter?

Miley’s tales are not confined to earthly matters. Recently, she narrated an intriguing encounter with what she believes was a UFO during a heart-to-heart conversation with Rick Owens for Interview Magazine.

While embarking on a journey through San Bernardino with a friend, a UFO allegedly chased Miley. The certainty of her account is tempered by the mention of her consumption of cannabis wax, which she’d purchased from an inconspicuous seller in a van near a taco eatery. Her description of the UFO is as unique as the story itself, referring to it as a “flying snowplow” that was distinctly glowing yellow.

A Potent Cannabis Experience: Miley’s Unexpected Voyage

Miley’s experience underscores the potent impact of cannabis concentrates, especially when sourced from unfamiliar vendors. Miley discovered that such encounters can send you on an unpredictable and memorable journey.

Alien Encounter Aftermath: Eye Contact with a “Being”

The enchantment of Miley’s tale doesn’t cease there. The aftereffects of her cannabis use were so potent that she professes to have locked eyes with a “being.”

When asked if she felt threatened during her alleged encounter, Miley was clear that there was no fear but a feeling of being profoundly shaken, having looked into the eyes of a creature she couldn’t comprehend.

The Miley Debate: Alien Encounter or Cannabis-Induced Hallucination?

So, did Miley come face-to-face with an extraterrestrial entity, or did her high lead her into a different realm, mistaking a mundane piece of machinery for a UFO? We welcome your thoughts in the comments!

The Mysterious Cannabis Vendor: Do You Know Him?

Lastly, if anyone has any leads on the mysterious cannabis vendor who initiated Miley’s unforgettable journey, feel free to reach out. 😉


8 responses to “Miley Cyrus: “I Was Chased By UFO, Made Eye Contact With An Alien After Smoking Weed From A Guy In A Van””

  1. Anthony Andrighetti says:

    I know exactly where you mean, my family come from Lugano and the dollomites Italian side must have been Sept to march you saw this which just seems to be the growing cycle down south Australia way what I do know is what goes up must come down no matter what the fuck it is,if you want to know more text me, 🐜

  2. Brock says:

    Glad i live in ohio

  3. James says:

    I like to Smoke the weed yes l do

  4. Roy martin says:

    She has smoked herself stupid.

  5. bc says:

    So, Miley is endorsing buying weed from some random person and then saying that she looked into the eyes of an Alien. Possession of another being? That speaks volumes. So she’s telling people that it’s ok to look directly at a Alien. They are nice. What a strange and odd thing to talk about. These people are priming us for what?

  6. David says:

    She saw herself as the alien duh.

  7. Jason morrisette says:

    Dude put dmt in this concentrate lol

  8. William Lee says:

    Come out to my place. I see things in the sky all the time. And yes Im always high but I know when I see something strange.

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