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Mike Tyson: I Smoke $40,000 Worth of Weed Every Month at My Ranch

Mike Tyson is enjoying his retirement from boxing.

In a recent episode of Tyson’s podcast, “Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson,” Tyson opened up about his cannabis use. He doesn’t just grow weed, apparently, he’s an avid user, too.

Like, an extremely avid user.

“What do we smoke a month?” Tyson asked his co-host, Eben Britton, before finishing his thought.

“It’s about $40,000 a month.”


Britton put that amount into a different, yet equally alarming figure.

“We smoke ten tons of weed on the ranch a month,” Britton said.

However, Tyson did reveal that his ranch is selling around $500,000 of marijuana each month to dispensaries in Nevada and California. So, it seems Tyson dipping into his own supply isn’t hurting his business too badly.

Still, an exaggeration or not, $40,000 is an insane amount to spend on weed each month — regardless of where it comes from or how many people Tyson has helped him smoke it.

The weed business, though, is clearly treating the legendary boxer extremely well


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