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Mike Tyson Punched Plane Passenger In Face Multiple Times On 4/20 (Video)

One of our favorite potheads lost it on 4/20 yesterday.

A video of an incident on a plane on Wednesday appears to show Mike Tyson repeatedly punching a fellow passenger after he wouldn’t leave him alone.

TMZ reports that the moment went down on a flight that was scheduled to fly from San Francisco to Florida. A witness said the passenger was overly excited upon discovering he was sitting behind Tyson, and he secured a selfie with him. But as the passenger continued to try to talk to Tyson, he apparently annoyed him enough to be told to relax.

The retired boxer allegedly then turned around to punch the man in the face multiple times, as seen in the footage on TMZ. Shortly after hitting the guy, Tyson walked off the plane. The victim, who could be seen with a bloodied face, received medical attention and has since contacted the police, although there’s no word on whether an investigation has been launched.

The video comes less than a month after Tyson was filmed keeping his cool when a man challenged him to a fight and pulled out a gun. That clip was taken at a comedy show and shows Tyson sitting still while the man appeared to get more and more animated, which prompted the host of the event to tell the man to back off. That’s when a gun was drawn and cocked, sending attendees into a brief panic. Tyson, however, sat there in silence as the man put the gun away.


3 responses to “Mike Tyson Punched Plane Passenger In Face Multiple Times On 4/20 (Video)”

  1. Marlo Stanfeild says:

    It’s amazing how the video show the 2 white boys antagonize Mike but when he punches them down they say he was just tryna get a autograph. White people I tell ya, will lie in your face

  2. oscar ortiz says:

    boy what a set up I hope Mike wins in court. People have no shame and no life. Leave the man alone. so luck it was in a tight pane area damage could and should have been much more severe. Loser mind your own business and respect peoples privacy

  3. Ty says:

    Trying to ask for an autograph? The dude was being an obnoxious fucking asshole he got what he deserved should’ve caught it even worse, there are ways you go about shit and how he went about that with Mike was not the right way anybody would’ve been easily pissed off by that man child

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