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Miami Police Posts A Pic Of “Pot Bust” And Gets Roasted By Facebook Users

Two days ago, the Miami Gardens Police Department uploaded the picture below with the following caption:

#WhileYouWereAsleep the men & women of the #MiamiGardensPDwere busy keeping our neighborhoods safe. ‬

‪Good job to our road patrol Ofc’s & Street Crimes Det’s for taking these Illegal drugs and firearm off our streets! #WeAreMiamiGardens#BuildingSaferCommunities #OneVisionOneMindset 🚔

Check out the original post below:

‪#WhileYouWereAsleep the men & women of the #MiamiGardensPD were busy keeping our neighborhoods safe. ‬‪Good job to…

Posted by Miami Gardens Police Department on Saturday, June 22, 2019

As always, Facebook users are not appreciating it. Let’s take a look at the best comments:

Jake O: 

Wow great theft. Thanks for sharing.

Shaun C:

Thank you for protecting us… from freedom!
Danielle B:
Oh gee, thank you so much for saving us from the dangers of pot
Jake B:
Thank god you were there officer! Someone might have enjoyed themselves!
Jason C:
Cops are the real gang members, stealing medicine and property from innocent people. Dont worry, what goes around, comes around.
Christa P:
Way to fill up those private prisons you’re lining your pockets with, over medication that is saving lives . shame on you ! That isn’t heroic that’s robbery ! Now sick people aren’t sleeping because you took there medication “off the streets”. Pat yourself on the back guys and girls , SMDH ! Btw I don’t use marijuana but I know many people including my mother and grandparents who need it to get out of bed everyday , thankfully they dont live in florida . I cant wait until its fully legal so all this madness stops !
Joseph B:
I just scrolled ur page for the last 30 days. You have rewards out for 6 unsolved murders in that timeframe but you guys are over high fiving each other with your hard ons for pot.
Owen S:
I’d like to congratulate drugs for winning the war on drugs
KeeKee S:
Look at all that weed sitting there curbing pain, alleviating anxiety, suppressing debilitating seizures, increasing appetites from toxic chemo and aiding people with insomnia and other sleep disorders…….thank you for taking such a DANGEROUS DRUG **cough**PLANT**cough** off the streets🙄🙄🙄🤦🏾‍♀️
Carlos M:
Was this before or after you guys took your cut?
Caitlin W:
 In the last week my town has had several shootings several people ODing and even found a dead body yet here you’re wasting time stopping potheads? Oh no God for bid somebody hits up the McDonald’s and orders too much food meanwhile we’ve got fentanyl Flooding the streets and dead bodies in a ditch… congratulations real productive work 👏🏻
Elliot A:

Keeping people safe from freedom?

Pathetic tyrants. Let people live freely.

Don’t forget to leave a comment on their Facebook page and tell them how you feel about how they are “keeping the neighborhood safe”.

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