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Meek Mill: I Quit Smoking Weed… It Was Making Me Skinny

Meek Mill seems to have a disturbing relationship with weed. Just recently he said he gets depressed every time he smokes weed.

This week he’s making headlines because of another weed-related statement.

Yesterday, Meek Mill took the time to answer questions from his fans. The Twitter Q&A included one user asking the Philadelphia-bred emcee about his weed usage.

“I quit smoking, s### was making me skinny and not eat!!!!” tweeted Meek Mill on Sunday. Another Twitter user replied, “You ain’t smoking weed if it’s making you skinny.”

That comment caused Meek to post, “We [were] smoking [4-gram] blunts and backwoods. I never smoked my whole adult life… I’m not a drug guy ima trapper at heart! And I know how to use my brain to get what I want, drugs [are] not really my thing!”

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3 responses to “Meek Mill: I Quit Smoking Weed… It Was Making Me Skinny”

  1. Kristina says:

    Tbh, I was a long term smoker and over time it had the same affect on me. At first it was always munchies and food and with time it actually killed my appetite. I’d forget to eat for days.

  2. Daryl Strickland says:

    Smoking copious amounts of Cannabis is not for everyone! Some people can smoke occasionally, some rarely and others never can handle the THCa💚🌴

  3. Mary Mitros-Wasco says:

    What is backwoods?

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