The Medical Cannabis Chewing Gum is Coming Soon

March 17, 2017
The Medical Cannabis Chewing Gum is Coming Soon


Nowadays the number of cannabis-related products is increasing fast, and we highly doubt that this trend will change soon. The newest addition to this cannabis product family is the new marijuana chewing gum which is developed by AXIM Biotechnologies. The Biotechnology company is branding its new product with the name CanChew Plus.

Contrast with the Old Version of the Gum

CanChew Plus is an improvement to a piece of gum that is already on the market because AXIM Biotechnologies already produce a cannabis gum with the name CanChew. CanChew was the premier patented controlled-release marijuana chewing gum in the world. At the moment the new version is undergoing tests in the Netherlands for irritable bowel syndrome.

The main visible difference between the CanChew and CanChew Plus is their size. The new version is 60% smaller, but that’s done with purpose. With this reduced size the chewing experience is enhanced.

What does it Contain

The CanChew Plus encompasses ten mg of cannabidiol. If you are not aware – cannabidiol does not cause the euphoric feeling as it is one of the 113 known active cannabinoids in marijuana. It is accounting for approximately 40% of the typical extract from the herb. Cannabidiol is probably the factor with the highest relation to medical applications. One area of research is towards the Dravet syndrome. This syndrome is a rare form of epilepsy that is quite tough for treating. Another medical application is aimed at the treatment of psychosis.

Cannabidiol is released in the new chewing gum by a patented delivery scheme. It is based on microencapsulation, which is a process that controls the discharge of cannabidiol over specific periods of time. This allows maximum absorption. This microencapsulation system provides cannabinoids soluble and boosts the bioavailability of the active ingredient seriously.

The Experience

When chewing the cannabis gum, you will experience a slight spearmint flavor. Keep in mind that there are no artificial sweeteners or animal products involved. Another important thing is that since the addictive part of cannabis, the one that makes you high, is not present in the gum’s ingredients it will not form a habit.


As for distribution, obtaining the gum will not require a medical cannabis prescription. This means that you will be able to buy the gum freely in individual states, but for other countries, this depends on the status of medical cannabis usage.

George E. Anastasov, the head of AXIM Biotechnology said to the Digital Journal that they are very happy to announce the new and improved variant of their controlled release cannabidiol chewing gum. He adds that with the new microencapsulation technology the gum will offer improved absorption rate and even more predictable distribution of cannabidiol extracted from hemp oil.



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