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Media Claims That Woman Dies At The Age Of 23 After Eating Weed Gummy

Alright, get ready for reefer madness at its finest.

As reported by the Evening Standard, Damilola Grace Olakanmi, 23, had purchased the cannabis-infused candy through a messaging app on her phone, and it was sent to her home in Ilford, London.

Olakanmi and her friend, a 21-year-old American student visiting the UK, fell ill at around 11:30PM local time after consuming the candy on Tuesday, March 29.

BBC News reports that both were taken to an east London hospital, where the Olakanmi died on Saturday.

A member of Olakanmi’s family, known only as Dunni, spoke candidly about the loss of her young relative, a business law undergraduate at the University of Hertfordshire.

She said: “Damilola was a sweet, quiet girl – a bit of an introvert. Her mother looked up to her. She was very kind and loved looking after children and wanted to please everyone.”

Dunni went on to say that “the family will never come to terms” with Olakanmi’s passing.

The grieving relative continued: “We need to know what happened. Her mother is not young anymore. We don’t want Damilola’s memory to be just like that. You want her to be remembered as the girl who asked everyone, ‘Are you okay and do you want anything?’”

Olakanmi was rushed by air ambulance to Queen’s Hospital, in nearby Romford, Essex, in critical condition.

Her mother Wumi, 51, kept a vigil by her bedside until her daughter sadly passed away on Saturday. Olakanmi’s friend was later discharged from the hospital.

Speaking to the Evening Standard, justice campaigner and relative Richard Taylor, 75, explained that Wumi had been left with “nothing” as Olakanmi was her only child.

Taylor also advised young people to practice caution when it comes to psychoactive substances. He said: “It’s a tragic warning to all young people about how they live their lives. They should resist drugs.”

A 37-year-old man, Leon Brown, is suspected of supplying the candy to the girls. He was arrested on Friday and charged with possession with intent to supply Class B synthetic cannabinoid, being concerned in the supply of a synthetic cannabinoid, and possession with intent to supply a psychoactive substance.

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