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It’s Official: Marlboro Is Entering The Cannabis Market

As BBC reported, Altria, the maker of Marlboro cigarettes, is in talks with a Canadian cannabis producer over a potential investment in the firm.

Canada’s Cronos Group confirmed the discussions but said it had not yet reached an agreement.

It follows reports that Altria was in talks to acquire Cronos as it moves to diversify from traditional smokers.

Cronos issued the following statement: “It is engaged in discussions concerning a potential investment by Altria Group Inc. in Cronos Group. No agreement has been reached with respect to any such transaction and there can be no assurance such discussions will lead to an investment or other transaction involving the companies.”

Several other companies from industries that have been lobbying against cannabis in the past are now pushing into the cannabis sector.

Corona beer owner Constellation Brands has said it would pour some $4bn (£3.1bn) into Canada’s top cannabis producer, Canopy Growth, in a deal marking the largest investment in the industry to date.

Tobacco firm Imperial Brands is investing in UK biotech company Oxford Cannabinoid Technologies, while just recently Coca-Cola was in talks with a Canadian producer Aurora Cannabis about developing cannabis-infused beverages.

It will be interesting to see how the cannabis market and also the consumer will react to the market entry of Marlboro and similar companies. We will keep you posted.

48 responses to “It’s Official: Marlboro Is Entering The Cannabis Market”

  1. Candy Burke says:

    I think this awesome!! This is the first I have heard or seen of this.

  2. Scott Levison says:


  3. Jonathan Stewart says:

    this just helps with the legitimacy what it’s going to take is capitalization for the stage to eventually one day bring in federal legalization the more big businesses especially American corporations that invest in the Canadian market for cannabis that’s going to turn inside and eventually that’s what’s going to take it that’s what’s going to make legalization happen in the states it’s going to have to be capitalization cuz when Big Industry interest it so is government because it means billions of dollars for both parties

  4. Dave says:

    I knew these vultures would swoop in after lobbying against it for 70 years! I’m still gonna grow my own medicine!


  5. Sabrina McGrew says:

    How much is Marlboro be charging for a pack of cannabis cigarettes???

  6. Logan barefoot says:

    How can I sign up to invest in this?? Someone??

  7. Carol S. Champagne says:

    I’m more interested in them putting CBD drops, oil or aqueous solution into a beverage that is easily obtainable and will market well. I understand that the CocaCola company is strongly considering doing it.

  8. adam says:

    just another way to fuck the small farmers

    • Rayelle Bishop says:

      Small farmers might benefit if they grow theirs organically. That’s where I get mine in my own home state or in the south.

    • Gina says:

      Exactly! We start letting major corps. In then we the consumers and the small time growers/farmers get screwed. They’ll start diluting products and they’ll add fillers!!! No thank you!! I’d rather get mine from my local grower!

  9. Joey s says:

    I wonder if they’ll be adding carcinogens in them like their cigarettes.

  10. MaStarFurious says:

    Yeah, probably with a thousand+ extra additives making a non-toxic incredible herb into a poisonous corporate health killing pharma contracting death cycle of induced cancer.

  11. Stfu says:

    Sorry you guys dont get to just step in the game now, you lost your war on tobacco and your cold sour losers.

  12. Kevin says:

    How much cancer causing chemicals are they going to add to them?

  13. Andy says:

    Co z tego że w Canada można, za paczkę 90$ to przesada, ale inwestować w to, to na pewno warto, duży i pewny zysk, w Europie mamy Pragę i Amsterdam, tam się jeździ dymić

  14. Errol Francis says:

    I am wondering if it is going to be sold for the normal cigarette price?

  15. Suraj says:

    Delhi mai kab aaiga

  16. Joe says: they are gomna ruin weed.. they’re going to pack it up and they’re probably going to put preservatives in it

  17. Joejoe says:

    I think its awesome

  18. Benji says:

    I wonder how there going to grow it I mean are they going to let farmers they grow tobacco right. The only trouble no one really steals from tobacco fields cause they want flavor right. Start growing weed hell it gots all the flavor you need it don’t need processes like tobacco right. Will the fields be guarded will they have security. Really think about it you know

  19. Beverly McIntyre says:

    When did they expect weed to be legal in South Carolina

  20. Sunil sapetiya says:

    I want this smoke

  21. Kim says:

    That would be great if it didn’t cost so much.

  22. M says:

    I just hope they don’t put nicotine in them to make us addicted and dependent. Weed is very useful medically but we don’t all need to be hooked for life so that they can make a killing off of us.

  23. Manasseh McPike says:

    I hope all of the corporations, tobacco and otherwise, that have lobbied for decades to keep weed and industrial hemp illegal which are now trying to enter these markets fucking burn.

    Lock those greedhead rat-bastards out of all cannabis and cannabis related out industry out completely. Those shitheels have rat-fucked our planet long enough. Talking to you Monsanto, Marlboro, R. J. Reynolds, ConAgra, et al.

  24. Debbie says:

    We should each just grow our own……save all your seeds now!!!!

  25. Enthusiast says:

    Nooooooo. Dont yall realize that this is just corporations making there 1st steps in taking over the industry!?😠 first they see how much money you make to see of you profitable, then they say they wanna partner with you to expand “YOUR” brand, THEN they develop a team to “Convince” you to hand them your whole business to expand further like you cant get it done yourself! Then they exploit it, take all the money, run the business to the ground then sell it or destroy it! LETS NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKES EVERYONE ELSE MADE AND HAND OVER OUR CULTURE TO CORPORATIONS THAT DONT CARE ABOUT US AT ALL AND WANT NOTHING BUT TO TAKE OUR PROFITS…. THIS IS NOT, I REPEAT NOT A CLOSER STEP TO LEGALIZATION, JUST DESTRUCTION…#HOSTILE TAKEOVER #STAYWOKE

  26. Charlie says:

    Hell no I will not support the Philip Morris company

  27. Kimy Miller says:

    I am totally down as long as price is not outrageous !!! Thanks Marlboro

  28. Sonythoyo says:

    I want one to see how it is and I will let my people know to

  29. Roman says:

    Will they send it to Texas

  30. Harvey says:

    No thanks I like my product fresh. Remember what happens to if it sits to long it goes brown, I can already see them putting chemicals and additives.

  31. Either says:

    Can you tell me when the cigarettes will be in the Sex

  32. dave says:

    Are we talking THC-free cannabis or ‘regular’ one?

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