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New Research Shows All Cannabis Strains Are Basically The Same

Studies show that all cannabis strains contain the same level of THC and CBD.

If you go into any cannabis distributor in a state where it is legal, you will be amazed by the massive variety of different strains available, each of them genetically tailored with varying levels of THC and CBD and other cannabinoids and terpenes.

The idea of offering such a diverse selection of strains is to provide the consumer with a tailor-made solution that will satisfy their needs. Whether you want to get a creative buzz, or just chill out with a movie, get an energy boost or a sleeping aid, there is for sure a unique strain out there that can help you do that. If you need some inspiration, check out our strain section.

But they might not be as unique as we are led to believe. A new study has revealed that all variations of Marijuana contain pretty much the same levels of THC and CBD.

The author of the study, Elizabeth Mudge, a well-known chemistry professor at the University of British Columbia has said that just because a particular strain might contain large quantities of THC or CBD, this isn’t necessarily why certain strains seem to have unique therapeutic effects.

How Can This Be True?

If you have ever consumed two separate strains of Cannabis, then you will have likely noticed the different effects of the two. For example, Sativa is known for its buzzy stimulating effect when Indica induces a deep mellow sensation.

Dr. Mudge’s study focused on an exploration of 33 different strains (different Indica and Sativa (and hybrid) strains) from a selection of various providers and revealed statistics that have left many baffled.

Regardless of our own experiences with consuming different strains of cannabis, the science says that they are virtually identical with regards to the psychotropic and therapeutic components found in both strains.

For us, the results of this study are hard to believe but you can read the full study here. Let us know what YOU think, we are curious to hear your inputs!

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