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Marijuana: How Does Smoking Weed Affect You

Marijuana is also called in the scientific name, Cannabis sativa among other names. The plant from which the cannabis sativa is gotten is intended to be used as a medicine.

The major psychoactive part of the marijuana is the part called tetrahydrocannabinol, which consist of at least sixty five of other cannabinoids. Marijuana can be used in many different forms, depending on its need to the user: It can be used in form of smoke, vaporization, an extract, or within food or a drink. Marijuana is mostly used for physical effects or mental effects for instance when one want to get stoned, high feeling, the general variation in the perception of things, euphoria such as the tightened mood and an increase in the appetite, can use marijuana. The short-term impacts of the marijuana they consist of the impaired motor skills, reduced short-term memory, dry mouth,feeling of the paranoia and anxiety, and red eyes. On the other side, the long term effects may range from, reduced mental ability in those who began using it at the tender age, addiction and the problematic behavior in the children whose female parents used the drug when they were pregnant.Marijuana mostly is applied for purposes of medicine or for recreational uses.

In the year 2013, between 128 and 232 million people used the drug and of them, 2.7 percent were of the age 15 years and below and 4.9 percent were aged sixty five.
In the following year, 43 percent of the people from U.S. had used the marijuana which increased to fifty one percent by the year 2016. An estimate of 12 percent have been using the drug in the recent past. This results in the most people in U.S. and in the world as a whole.The earliest uses of the drug which were recorded from the BC 3rd of the millennium. By early 20th century, marijuana became the subject to the allowed restrictions, with a use and the sale of its preparation having the psychoactive cannabinoids becoming illegal in the most of the countries in the globe. The marijuana which is used for the medicinal purposes is called physician-recommended use of the drug, which is common today in Belgium, Canada, Netherlands, Spain, Australia and the United States of the America.

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