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Man Cuts Off Own Penis With Scissors After Smoking Two Bongs

According to a new medical case study, a man cut off his own penis as he suffered a psychotic episode after smoking cannabis.

The individual, 23, from Thailand, had used cannabis for two years before quitting his habit.

Three months later, he smoked two bongs (2g) of cannabis and experienced an erection two hours later, without sexual stimulation.

He reported severe, persistent sharp pain in his penis and said his glans looked distorted.

Believing he could stop the pain, he decided to trim the penile skin several times using scissors – but then wholly amputated his penis.

Two hours after, the bleeding had not stopped, and the man went to the hospital.

Doctors believed the penis was too damaged to save and removed all the dead skin and flesh.

The amputated part was contaminated with ants, while the remaining stump was 2 cm in length.

The report says, ‘After admission and cannabis discontinuation, his delusion and hallucination subsided’.

The research, published by the Journal of Medical Case Reports, said cannabis-induced psychosis was diagnosed because symptoms began after cannabis use, without evidence of other substance abuse.

Lead author Nantanan Jengsuebsant, from the Department of Emergency Medicine, noted cannabis had been widely used worldwide for medical and recreational purposes.

The man’s experience was rare, but cannabis does exhibit some effects, including psychosis.

The research team concluded: ‘Cannabis-induced psychosis is an adverse effect of cannabis, which may lead to impaired judgment unexpected self-harm.’

What do you think about this incident? I think we all know that consuming weed will not result in cutting your dick off 😀

15 responses to “Man Cuts Off Own Penis With Scissors After Smoking Two Bongs”

  1. JAN CHRISTIAN says:

    There had to be something else wrong with that man’s mental health.

  2. Arto says:

    He was smoking more than weed

  3. Anita says:

    What a load of codswallop.
    That’s not cannabis he is smoking, that’s hilarious to even suggest that. What’s this world coming too. (Rolls eyes)

  4. Alicia says:

    Bullcocky.. I so call bullshit on this there was more than cannabis that dumbass was smoking

  5. Sonja says:

    I call bullshit!!! There had 2b something else wrong with him! I hate stories that blame cannabis for weird shit!!

  6. Cynthia says:

    No way pot just didn’t do that unless laced with something

  7. i think this man was already mentally impaired cannabis does make you paranoid sometimes but i think this is only because where i am it’s illegal other than that I think this is ridiculous if cannabis causes psychosis, it’s because the person is already psycho

  8. Roger Webb says:

    That weed didn’t cause the nutcase to cut off his pecker. Mentally ill.


    I have gotten an erection many, many times after smoking weed, but never ever wanted to cut it off. That’s just plain crazy!

  10. Francisco MataAguitre says:

    Yeah yeah yeah , who knows maybe he wanted to save on sex change which is common now days……..maybe he thought , I’ll surprise him by being the she chi

  11. alan anderson says:

    this is ridiculous.. psycosis wont make u cut your dick off. you might talk to people that aint there or lose the world entirely but your not gonna cut off your own limbs. theres more to the story.

  12. Jeffrey D. Wilson says:

    If this really happened, it was because the man had pre -existing mental issue’s, not because he smoked 2 grams of marijuana. I’ve been smoking since 1972, & never once wanted to harm myself. The same goes for the estimated 1000’s of people I’ve smoked with. I think this is a boogieman story

  13. Farry says:

    The first of all, it happened where ? Yes, you right, in Tailand. This boy, like many others in Tailand, was dreaming about to do some sexual surgery, but it costs a lot of money, so he smocked two bongs and decided to do it by himself. That’s all the tale.
    Do not believe in official version at all

  14. Terry Davis says:

    So please tell me, how often does this happen? Not very fucking often! Sound to me like this guy has a mental problem and should be on psycho drugs!

  15. Illegal cannabis in Thailand is especially dangerous to use. Because most of the pressed cannabis cakes are contaminated with pesticides, chemicals and other shit – even heavy metals. One place the police confiscated 10 tons of pressed cannabis, and everything was polluted. This can be very dangerous to use. Especially in the long term. It,s crusial what kind of cannabis is being used.

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