The male cannabis plant does not nearly get as much love as its female counterpart. Females are responsible for the many potent medicines in dispensaries, so this should come as no surprise. The female cannabis plant has taken over so much of the limelight, many growers throw away a male cannabis plant once the sex is identifiable.

Pollination is not the only use for male cannabis. Some of the benefits are due to the cannabis plant being dioecious, meaning the male and female parts can exist in separate plants. Most flowering plants are hermaphroditic, meaning each flower contains both male and female sex organs. This dioecy gives several advantages to breeders as the plants can be studied for their individual properties.

Here are a few reasons why it’s beneficial to grow male cannabis plants.

Cannabis Breeding with the Male Cannabis Plant

Breeding Male Cannabis Plant

Just because the males and females have the ability to grow separately does not mean females don’t need males for pollination. Every cannabis breeding program needs healthy males to contribute DNA. As we begin to understand more about the biology, it’s becoming easier for growers to select high-quality males.

The biological makeup of male plants is helpful for developing strains that auto-flower without sacrificing the flavor of females. Dioecy really comes in handy here. Breeders choose a male and female based on genetic qualities they seek for certain medicinal combinations. This isn’t an option when a singular flower already has its male and female parts.

The results of these controlled breeding programs can vary, and the results are unknown until it’s time for harvest. With a lot of trial and error, there is potential for new breakthroughs with every crop.

Hemp Fibers

Hemp Fibers

One of the most underrated qualities of male cannabis is its ability to create a diverse range of textiles. Both the male and female are used to create hemp textiles, but the male plant fibers are finer and softer than females. This makes them ideal for products like clothing, bed sheets, and tablecloths. Despite being softer, it’s also more durable, flexible, and tear-resistant than the female plant, which can make rough textiles like canvas.


Hemp Extracts

It was previously assumed that male cannabis does not have any psychoactive or therapeutic properties, but they still contain cannabinoids and resin. When making concentrated cannabis products, many manufacturers prefer to use as much plant material as possible since male flowers and stems still contain essential ingredients. If a high level of diverse cannabinoids is required, it’s beneficial to include some male plant parts in the mix as well.

Male Cannabis Plants – A Natural Pesticide?

Male Cannabis Plant Pesticide

Hemp plants have been used for more than textiles and medicine throughout history. Farmers and gardeners have relied on cannabis in the garden as “companion plants” to repel pests. According to one popular study, the terpenes in cannabis play a role in this. Farmers have used hemp to prevent infestations of pests like cotton worms, cabbage caterpillars, and potato fungus. Cannabis plants can also help suppress the growth of harmful or unwanted weeds like chickweed.


Hemp Juice

When juicing became the hot health craze, hemp juice hit the shelves along with every other plant. The evidence behind benefits of pure hemp juice are sparse, but many people love its sweet green flavor. Hemp juice has been said to aid in digestion, heart health, energy improvement, immune system function, and stress reduction.

As with everythingcannabis, as the research and development begin to outweigh social stigmas, we’re discovering more uses beyond getting stoned. That’s great news for male plants who insist they’re good for more than just breeding after all.