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Lil Wayne Just Launched his Own Weed Brand GKUA

Lil Wayne, or Tunechi, Weezy F. Baby, President Carter, or whatever name he goes by these days, has jumped into the weed business and launched his own brand on Monday.

GKUA Ultra Premium will offer “a line of high-potency cannabis products designed to provide consumers with the best high of their lives.”

GKUA says it sources its buds from “the most experienced growers” who produce exclusive strains that are “very limited, incredibly potent and impossibly difficult to find.”

“I used to just want to get high, now I smoke to get inspired,” Lil Wayne says in the press release. “With GKUA, I’m sharing a feeling that I love.”

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The company also claims to have products with the “highest natural levels of THC available.” That’s a big claim, but unfortunately, the website doesn’t actually give any information about THC levels, and the packaging looks like a cheap Chinese knock-off brand.

If you were trying to figure out the hidden meaning behind GKUA, we’ll have to disappoint you. We spoke to the brand’s PR firm, and were told “it doesn’t stand for or mean anything! Just a word they made up.” Oh well.

GKUA products will first be available at select Los Angeles dispensaries, but the brand says it plans to reach the rest of California in 2020. 

Lil Wayne is selling three strains of flower, six different THC vape cartridges for its own vape battery, three different THC concentrates, three pre-rolls, and CBD vape liquid. That’s an impressive line-up for a new brand. 

The company is definitely going hard on its ‘premium’ branding. To find out which dispensaries sell GKUA, you need to comment on the brand’s Instagram posts, after which someone will DM you the locations. 

Dispensaries will also be giving away “the first of a series of Lil Wayne + GKUA posters,” and free tickets to GKUA VIP parties. “Free” and “VIP” usually don’t go together, but hey, a free party is a free party.

Lil Wayne joins a long line of celebrities that have also launched their own cannabis brands including Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, Willie Nelson, B-Real, Jim Belushi, Redman and Method Man, both Cheech and Chong, Seth Rogan, and even Martha Stewart.

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