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Like Father, Like Daughter: Kevin Smith Bumps Into Daughter At Cannabis Dispensary

Famed comedian and filmmaker Kevin Smith, known for his unabashed affinity towards cannabis, recently had an unexpected encounter with his daughter at a cannabis dispensary.

Kevin Smith’s Iconic Role and Advocacy for Legalization

Kevin Smith, at 51, is recognized for his notable contribution to the film industry and his iconic portrayal of the weed dealer Silent Bob in “Clerks”. With a slew of other films under his belt, including “Dogma” and “Chasing Amy”, he’s also a known voice in the campaign for cannabis legalization in New Jersey.

A Father-Daughter Encounter at a Cannabis Dispensary

Given Smith’s relationship with cannabis, it’s not surprising that he often visits dispensaries in his home state. As it turns out, his daughter, Harley Quinn Smith, shares this interest. Kevin Smith recently shared a candid Instagram post about his chance encounter with 22-year-old Harley at a cannabis store.

Harley Quinn Smith’s Response and the Shared Project

Following this unexpected meeting, Harley responded, “It was a surprise but also not a surprise at all.” This father-daughter duo, who are currently co-writing a series together, cherish these shared moments. Harley expressed her excitement about their ongoing project, stating, “We have pretty similar minds, so it’s kind of like you’re shooting with another version of yourself.”

Kevin Smith’s Late Bloomer Status as a Regular Cannabis User

Contrary to his on-screen persona, Kevin Smith confessed on Jay Baruchel’s Highly Legal podcast that he didn’t start using cannabis regularly until 2008. Since then, he’s been a committed user. However, he clarified that cannabis has not hindered his productivity, stating, “If you’re going to smoke as much as you seem to enjoy this, you have to tie it to productivity.”


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