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Former NFL Star Kyle Turley Won’t Stop Shilling CBD as a Cure for Coronavirus

Former National Football League Lineman Kyle Turley has been in hot water with the US Food and Drug Administration for the past week for claiming that CBD can cure COVID-19 — and it doesn’t look like he’s backing down anytime soon. 

On Saturday, Turley tweeted a video of himself driving, saying that anyone who has COVID-19 can send him a picture of their positive test, and he’ll deliver them free CBD.

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“Stay safe, fuck these assholes that want you to die and take these poisons. Trust in god and his great medicine and what he put inside of your body to help you heal yourself.”

Hours earlier, Turley, who is also a co-owner of a dispensary in Moreno Valley California, tweeted a statement in which he announced that he would be stepping down from all involvement with the CBD company Neuro XPF “out of respect for the life-saving work they do and the risk of jobs at stake because of threats to my personal advocacy.”

He then goes on to blame “the resentment and backlash of individuals and agencies who would wish to silence my message and demand I stand down at the risk of losing all.”


He finishes by saying he will be operating strictly as a private citizen and will continue his advocacy of the removal of the federal schedule 1 status of cannabis. 

The controversy over his CBD claims appears to have begun with a tweet by Turley on March 8 in which he wrote: “CBD CAN PREVENT AND CURE THE CORONA VIRUS!”

The tweet was met by dozens of highly negative replies accusing him of pushing false medical claims and calling on him to delete the tweet. 

Last week, the US Food and Drug Administration announced that it had issued warning letters to some CBD companies “for selling fraudulent COVID-19 products, as part of the agency’s efforts to protect consumers.”

The statement focused largely on the FDA’s warning letter to Neuro XPF for “the misleading claim these products can mitigate, prevent, treat, diagnose, or cure COVID-19.”

The FDA added that it would continue to take action against those “that place public health at risk.” 

Two days after the FDA issued the statement, on April 3, Turley tweeted, “THE ENDOGENOUS CANNABINOID SYSTEM WILL KILL COVID19 PLEASE HELP IT DO ITS JOB!”

He also continuously retweets articles describing the controversy over his statements.  

In addition to the tweets and statements by Turley, the FDA also took issue with an advertisement published by Neuro XPF, which included green figures meant to resemble the coronavirus, as well as the tagline “Crush Corona.” 

An ad by Neuro XPF claims the product can "crush corona"

There is absolutely no evidence that cannabis can cure or treat COVID-19 (Photo: Neuro XPF)

There is no evidence that cannabis can prevent or cure COVID-19, or that using cannabis products can make people less likely to contract or transmit the coronavirus. 

Turley had an 8-year career in the NFL and was a standout, first-team All-Pro offensive tackle for the New Orleans Saints in 2000. He had a much higher profile than your average offensive tackle, though, largely because of his on-field, wild man antics.

He has stated that doctors told him he suffered dozens of concussions and thousands of subconcussive head injuries playing football and that it left him with symptoms that are consistent with the neurodegenerative disease Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE). He has also credited cannabis with saving his life and helping him stop using the cocktail of opiates and antidepressants that he was prescribed during his career.

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