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King Palm Review: Easy To Pack, Slow Burning, & Smooth!

The King Palm iconic leaf rolls have certainly grabbed the attention of cannabis connoisseurs worldwide. The company focuses on creating premium rolls that contain no tobacco, artificial flavors, or toxic glues. Every roll is delicately handcrafted on their Cordia farms located throughout Southeast Asia. In this King Palm review, we focus on key features such as functionality, flavor, and price.

King Palm has received notable mentions for their slow-burning all-natural leaf rolls, such as their 3rd place win in the 2017 Cannabis Cup. When packed properly, the rolls burn evenly, leaving nothing but a pleasant smoke behind. Although the roll itself is flavorless, it leaves a rich and smooth taste that compliments cannabis’s natural flavor of cannabis. King Palm recently released several flavored cone options, and we had the chance to try out some of their most popular flavors too.  

For this King Palm review, we will focus on the key features that make these real leaf rolls the ideal choice for marijuana enthusiasts worldwide.  


There is nothing synthetic about King Palm. Experience a clean and cool smoke with your favorite flowers. Their products come with a pre-installed corn husk filter tip. The functionality of the filter is one of the best we’ve seen in the industry. Squeeze the filter while smoking and inhale for a cooler smoking experience. 

We know that the smoke from paper-based or tobacco rolls can be quite harsh on the lungs making your smoking experience a lot less enjoyable. Perhaps King Palm’s most remarkable feature is that the corn-husk filter tip creates a cool smoke. It is for this reason why many smokers choose to convert to King Palm. 

Marijuana users can relish in every moment with their herbs as a King Palm will burn nice and slow. You can heighten your flower’s natural aroma with King Palm flavored rolls’ sweet taste and fruity aroma. 

  • All-natural leaf.
  • Slow-burning properties.
  • The natural corn-husk filter cools the smoke down. 
  • The flavor roll options have fruit-derived terpenes located in the filter tip.


King Palm offers its customers a range of sizes suitable for any occasion. If you’re thinking of sharing a smoke with a couple of friends, then king size cones would be ideal for the experience. But, if you want to kick back and relax, then the Rollie is perfect for you. The most popular is the Mini option, which are gram cones from King Palm. There are a total of six different sized rolls available for customers, and they are as follows:

  • The Rollie – Packs up to 0.5 grams.
  • King Palm Mini –  Packs up to 1 gram. 
  • King Palm Slim rolls – Packs up to 1.5 grams.
  • King-sized rolls – Packs up to 2 grams.
  • XL-sized rolls – Packs up to 3 grams.
  • XXL-King Palm rolls – Packs up to 5 grams. 


If you’re smoking traditional cones and rolls made from paper or hemp, you’ll be able to taste that harsh and bitter flavor that comes from the burning paper. The Cordia leaf enhances your herbs’ natural flavor, allowing you to enjoy a smooth and pleasant smoke.


Cannabis users praise the company for its innovative filter tips. King Palm makes their filter tips from biodegradable hand-rolled corn-husk. 

  • Cooler Smoker: The filter tips take away the harsh taste and flavor associated with smoking. Biting and squeezing the tips creates a tight and cool draw. 
  • Prevents staining of teeth, lips, and fingers: The corn-husk’s dense nature actively absorbs excessive resinous oils, preventing staining of teeth and fingers. 
  • Stop herbs from falling out: King Palm filters are compact and dense; this prevents your herbs from falling out. 

King Palm Flavors Review

A King Palm review is not complete without considering the complexity of flavor options the company offers. These are not your ordinary flavored cones because the flavor is in the filter instead of the actual wrap. 

King Palm stands out from their competition as they incorporate unique flavors through terpene capsules inserted within the roll. To activate the flavorful capsule, you’ll need to squeeze it till you hear a pop. Companies producing flavored pre-rolled smoking cones and papers will implement a triple-drip flavor system to improve the product’s taste. This method’s downfall is that the flavor may be muted or lost as the paper burns, which leaves a smoker’s dull taste. 

Banana Cream – 

Need a smoke to wake you up? Well, the refreshing aroma of the Magic Mint roll is perfect for the job. This refreshing roll radiates a cool and distinctive spearmint aroma that leaves you feeling minty fresh. Unlike other flavored smoking cones, King Palm Mint rolls won’t have an overbearing taste; rather, its subtle nature flawlessly complements the natural flavor of your herbs.

Berry Terps 

The sweet Margarita roll radiates a deliciously sweet strawberry flavor. Like the King Palm Mint rolls, the sweet notes of this roll are not overpowering. Instead, you’ll find that it’s a sweet and refreshing flavor that complements your herbs well.

Watermelon Wave 

Now, we couldn’t make a King Palm review without talking about their Vanilla Gold option. This is the best alternative to 24k rolling papers if you want to get fancy and do not know how to roll. Experience the creamy and rich flavor of vanilla that can be squeezed in the filter to activate. If you’re looking to make a statement, then the King Palm Vanilla Gold rolls are perfect for you. They are available exclusively through the company website.

Magic Mint 


Berry Terps emits a rich and fruity aroma for smokers to enjoy. The flavored blueberry roll has become quite popular amongst top-shelf flower consumers worldwide. 


Escape to the tropics with the King Palm Margarita rolls. These pre-rolled cones incorporate the refreshing taste of watermelon with the exotic flavor of mango. The Margarita roll is the perfect choice for smokers who want to enhance their flowers’ flavor with a fruity combination. 

Now, a lot of people think that the combination of watermelon and mango, two delightful flavors—might overpower your herbs. The taste was not overpowering at all and complimented the flower smoked. King Palm flavored cones add some delicious flavors, and they are doing so with a better method than dipped rolling papers.


To begin our King Palm review, we’ll discuss the significance of their packaging procedure. The company’s packaging system ensures all its rolls remain well-preserved and fresh for its users. Every roll comes as an empty tube ready to be packed with the herbs of your choosing. All products come packaged with a biodegradable bamboo packing stick, which helps you pack a dense roll.

Packages containing more than two rolls will have a humidity control pack that preserves your roll’s freshness for up to 18 months. A great feature of the humidity control pack is that it can be re-used in your container of medicinal herbs.


The King Palm smoking cones are a premium hand-rolled product. The price tag justifies its value at only $1.50 a cone on average at most smoke shops. Especially the flavored pre-rolled cones with your favorite top-shelf bud. When lit, these premium handcrafted rolls smoke smoothly, slowly, and evenly. 

Where Can I Find King Palm Near Me?

King Palm pre-rolled cones are available for purchase at convenience stores, smoke shops, and directly at their website. Retail Outlets are located in the United States and Mexico. Find them expanding into other markets such as Canada, Europe, and Australia. They have a useful store locator for their products here. You can also find their products on Amazon, and their major distributor

Overall Review Score 5/5

In conclusion of our review, King Palm smoking cones make a great tobacco-free alternative. They provide a professionally rolled leaf cone that has the best properties for smoking cannabis. Another nice fact about this company is that the leaf, corn husk filter, packing bamboo stick, and paper band are all biodegradable. 

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