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Pop Star Kelis Will Host a New Cannabis Cooking Competition on Netflix

Are you already bored of getting high in the exact same way, every single day? Yeah, me neither. But if you ever wanted to learn how to make actual food infused with cannabis, we’ve got great news. 

Netflix has taken the age-old cooking competition format and given it a stoner twist. 

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Cooked with Cannabis will be the name of the new show, and it will be co-hosted by pop star Kelis. Remember her milkshake? In 2004 it brought all the boys to the yard.

According to Food & Wine, Cooked with Cannabis will pit professional chefs against each other to see who can create the best three-course meal based around themes that range from world cuisine to futurist food — all infused with cannabis, of course. 

Don’t expect to see any pot brownies — or milkshakes — on this show, though. The point of the six-episode show is to demonstrate the kind of culinary masterpieces that can be created with cannabis-infused ingredients.

“Cooked with Cannabis is a show where weed is a seasoning rather than the reason. It’s granular, educational, heartfelt and smart,” Kelis’ co-host, Portland-based chef Leather Storrs, told Food & Wine.

“The contestants had personal and romantic relationships with the herb and they knew its intricacies: medically, chemically, spiritually and as an intoxicant. Further, there was a real sense of community and camaraderie.”

By now, you’re probably wondering what this weed-infused cooking has to do with Kelis. 

After her time in the Billboard charts, Kelis actually trained as a saucier at Le Cordon Bleu school in Paris and has been working as a chef for quite some time. 

“Anyone that knows me, knows how much I love my Netflix, so this is a dream come true. Interestingly, this was one of those things that I didn’t go looking for, it kind of came to me,” Kelis wrote in an Instagram post announcing the show.

“As a chef, I was intrigued by the food and as an everyday person, I was interested in how powerful this topic is in today’s society. In this country, many things have been used systematically to oppress groups of people, but this is so culturally important for us to learn and grow together.”

This is not Netflix’s first venture into cannabis-cooking. In 2018, the streaming service ran a similar show called Cooking on High.

A year earlier, Netflix teamed up with Los Angeles’ Alternative Herbal Health Services dispensary to sell ten strains inspired by the names of some of Netflix’s original series. 

“Each strain was cultivated with the specific shows in mind, designed to complement each title based on their tone,” the streaming service said at the time. 

“For example, sillier shows may be more indica dominant, while dramedies will be more sativa dominant to help the more powerful scenes resonate.”

Now that more and more people across the globe will be stuck at home for the foreseeable time, giving stoners some inspiration to up their cannabis game is not the worst idea we’ve heard.

And because all of cannabis marketing relies on tired clichés, Cooked with Cannabis will debut on Netflix on 4/20.

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