Anyone who loves smoking joints, spliffs and blunts, knows the harsh reality of burning your fingertips when you get down to the bitter end (if you don’t know the difference between a joint, a spliff, and a blunt, you should probably start here)Trying to get the last few puffs out of a roach can be a bit problematic sometimes. Even chronics tend to forget there is an easy solution to their neverending dilemma: joint holders, roach clips, and filter tips.

The main benefits of using one of these often forgotten tools are:

  • Save your fingertips from burning when you get down to the very last drags off your joint.
  • If you roll without filters, a joint holder also prevents you from getting ash or nugs in your mouth.
  • Gives you the ability to put the tip directly on the lips, with no risk of dampening the end and messing up the paper.
  • It prevents your hands from absorbing the smokey dank smell of the roach. Nobody likes to carry the scent of long gone roaches around with them.
  • It makes it much easier to share a blunt with friends. Passing around a joint tucked into a joint holder stands up to multiple rounds around the circle.
  • Plus, it gives you the ability to smoke right down to the very end of the joint.

What is the Difference Between Joint Holders, Roach clips, and Filter Tips?

Ultimately all these simple tools serve the same purpose. The differences are minimal beyond personal preference and aesthetic. They all serve the same objective, to protect your sensitive fingertips from scorching and improve the overall smoking experience.

To better determine which option works best for your personal preferences, let’s explore the minor differences which set these items apart.

Joint Holders

Joint holders are rather obviously designed to hold the joint while you smoke it. They might come with a single holder option, or for the serious smokers, two plus holders. The leading names in cannabis products (Raw, Smokeey) have developed a variety of joint holders. Which ultimately means, there is a lot of focus on the end-user experience.

As a side note, a joint holder might also describe a joint tube. The tube variety of holders are a tiny tube-shaped container to keep a blunt in perfect condition during travel. For this post, however, a joint holder describes a device to hold your joint during a smoke.

Roach Clips

A roach clip, like a joint holder, gives you a better handle when smoking a joint a spliff or a blunt. A clip, is almost always an alligator style clip that bites on to the end of a joint. Unlike a blunt holder, its usually only used near the end of the smoke session when the blunt has reached roach status. It’s also a little more on the discrete side when compared to some joint holders.

Filter Tips

A filter tip, while providing some of the same benefits as a joint holder or a roach clip, is usually made out of paper or filter material. Instead of holding the joint, the filter rolls into the joint itself. As a filter, it helps remove smoke particles from the smoke before entering your lungs and gives you something substantial to hold. Most rolling paper companies also produce a variety of filter tips complimenting their rolling paper products.

The Top Joint Holders, Roach Clips and Filter Tips on the Market

What do you have your weed kit? Just when you thought you had every tool you’d ever need, in comes the Nuggy Multi-Tool. This multipurpose, everything-but-the-kitchen-sink appliance comes with more than just a roach clip. It has a knife, a pair of scissors, mini tamper, mini-spoon, bowl scraper, bottle opener, flathead screwdriver, small poker, and a flashlight. Never leave your couch again!

Raw Trident Wooden Cigarette Holder

Raw Trident Wooden Cigarette Holder

Raw rolling papers have invented yet another way to impress your friends, the three blunt, joint holder. Although impressive, you’ll never need to learn how to roll a cross joint. The Raw Trident is a fashionable solid wood joint holder, with three holes cut into it meant to hold three blunts. It’s one of the sturdier models on the market, and will hold up under continued use.

Original Smokeey Cigarette Ring Holder

Often replicated, the Smokeey remains the original lazy stoner smoking device. It allows you to hold your joint, and multi-task. Even though you could probably still smoke while doing the dishes, they probably had the avid gamer in mind instead. For people who love to blaze while playing video games, you’ll never have to decide between the controller and the blunt, ever again Just slip on the silicone ring, tuck in the blunt, and happily smoke away all afternoon.

Raw Organic Pure Hemp Pre-Rolled Cones With Filter

If you haven’t gathered from our list already, Raw is one of the most popular rolling paper companies in the cannabis world. They continue to improve the smoking experience through quality products like their Pre-Rolled Cones with Filter. There are many prepackaged filters on the market, but why waste your time rolling them into blunts, when you can pack a perfect cone in a pre-rolled fashion? With the included filter, it really speeds up the entire process and creates perfect cones every single time. Plus,  for all the granola lovers out there, they are organic.

Ultra Premium Round-Mouth Quartz Glass Filter Tips by DankTips

Ultra Premium Round-Mouth Quartz Glass Filter Tips by DankTips

One way to up your joint smoking game is by using a glass filter tip instead of the more common paper version. Not only does it look classy, Danktips are highly transportable and lets you smoke right down to the very last puff without burning your fingers. They are easy to clean and come in multipacks for those prone to losing small items.

The next time you smoke a joint, and end up scorching your lips or your fingers in the process, a joint holder might sound like a very good idea. What option do you prefer?