Stoners Found a Way How You Can Get High With Jeff Sessions

Jeff Sessions Rolling Papers: You Can Now Get High With Jeff Sessions

“Good people don’t smoke Marijuana”

I think we can all agree that Jeff Sessions is the last dude on Earth who you would want to share a joint with. Instead of smoking with him you can now smoke him!

The pro-pot group called #JeffSesh is selling rolling papers with  Jeffs face directly printed on the pack. For $5, you’ll get 50 of General Jeff’s “Old Rebel” Session Papers—perfect for any time you’re all worked up about the Trump administration’s regressive drug policies and just want to roll up.

The group sells two different versions of the General Jeff’s Sessions Papers, a black one and a white one.

Everything started out as a joke but now they report they are close to selling out, so make sure to grab one before they are gone forever! You can get them here.

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