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Israeli Startups Team up to Create Genetically Modified Super-Weed

Two Israeli startups have recently signed a partnership agreement that will see them work together to create a genetically modified version of cannabis that will be much easier to farm and cultivate than current plants. 

Medical cannabis company Cann10 will bring its know-how and cannabis tech to the table, while biotech company Epigenetics is the expert in supercharging crops

According to The Jerusalem Post, Epigenetics developed “a state-of-the-art third-generation breeding technology, that focuses on revealing hidden parts of the DNA of the plant and enabling select genes to manifest themselves.”

The company has experimented with tomatoes and corn and managed to increase the plants’ photosynthesis ability by a factor of 100, which means they have a significantly higher output, without changing their growing environment. 

Now imagine this technology applied to cannabis. 

Epigenetics doesn’t introduce foreign genes into the plants but can target “hidden parts of the DNA of the plant” and strengthen those genes within the plant. 

Cann10 and Epigenetics will jointly invest dozens of thousands of dollars to promote research of the cannabis plant using the new technology, with the purpose of improving the plant’s desirable traits and increasing the efficiency and quality of its growth.

“The collaboration with Epigenetics is the result of a constant search for the next exceptional invention in the cannabis industry. We believe that the ground breaking invention will change the rules of the game of the global cannabis industry,” Cann10 CEO Ori Alperovitz said in a statement.

“The new collaboration is a significant milestone in achieving the company’s strategy to expand its operations in Israel and abroad, and increase its productivity through the use of innovative cultivation technologies, and promoting cannabis research and development. As the research progresses, the joint company may work towards providing franchises to use the technology in Israel and abroad,” he added.

In the coming weeks, the Cann10 and Epigenetics will launch the first round of research using the new technology and are hoping to present the first results in about six months.

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