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Introducing Stoner Merch: 10 Hoodies for Weed Smokers

Stoner outfits used to involve tie-dye, Grateful Dead 420 t-shirts, and baggy pants. Chances are, all the weed smokers in your life (perhaps yourself included) used to have a closet full of similar stoner clothes. These days, with everyone and their dog becoming a cannabis connoisseur, there are far more fashionable statements to make in clothing options.

By this point in cannabis-history, our outfits have rapidly evolved to become an expression of personal opinion — no matter what that may be. Whether you are a pot-smoking mom, a politically active cannabis advocate, or just a lazy pothead, why not find a hoodie that speaks to your true nature? 

Marijuana shirts don’t have to come tie-dyed or plastered with massive weed leaves to make a clear statement. No pot leaves?! Trust us, we know what we are talking about, and we have a few suggestions.

The 10 Best Marijuana Shirts for Your Favorite Stoners

Everyone smokes weed these days, so why not advertise your love for this magical, medicinal plant. Whether you smoke for relief, recreational effects, or as a political statement, you need a weed shirt to declare your love affair.

For the Truly Greened Out Friend – Green Lungs!

You’ve heard the saying, “You are what you eat.” This weed shirt takes the old joke and evolves it for the stoner. It’s the perfect gift idea for everyone in your life that chain-smokes weed like it’s going out of style. 

For the friends who you wouldn’t be surprised if one day, they transformed into a big nug of weed, this is for them. It’s a cheeky way to tell someone that they live, eat, and breathe weed. If you know someone who doesn’t go a day without at least one bong-session, this stoner shirt was designed for them.

Pretty in Pink Pot Smoker

Not everyone in your circle wants a hoodie that’s camo, aggressive, and conversation-worthy. For those with a delicate disposition, the pot-smoking unicorn is a great fashion statement. It’s cute, it’s pink, and it’s funny. 

If we were to place bets, we’d bet that if unicorns were real, they’d dabble in this magical plant just like you. Pair this hoodie with a pretty pipe, and your stoner outfit is complete!

Say You Care with a Don’t Care Bear

“Do the Care Bears Countdown

And send a wish out through the air!

Just do the Care Bears Countdown

When you need them, they’ll be there!”

We could always count on the Care Bears to care, but can you count on the stoner? Sometimes it’s easier to stay at home smoking weed and watching old movies. All jokes aside, combining the Care Bears with the typical “Don’t Care” stoner stereotype makes for the perfect 420 swag. It’s cute, it’s funny, and maybe it’s even a bit true. Stoners, as you may know all too well, have the incredible ability to put serious concerns aside and stay calm, even when chaos reigns. In years like 2020, that’s a highly admirable quality if you ask us.

An Appropriate Stoner Outfit for 2021

How many times have you been in a grocery store or in line at a restaurant this year when that lingering cough makes an appearance. As you hack up a lung behind your mask, you see looks of fear and disdain from those around you. You frantically choke back and explain you are a smoker, not a superspreader, and everyone relaxes.

Sound familiar? Well, now you don’t have to explain anything. This cool weed shirt says it all. Plastered with the clear, bold statement, “My cough is from smoker weed, not the coronavirus,” there can be no more confusion as you cough away behind your mask. Now people won’t run in fear, but they may ask you for a light.

We All Need a Little Weed 420 Shirt

“I need weed,” and in our humble opinion, there has never been a more accurate statement. This hoodie is simple, with a straightforward message any stoner will appreciate. If you love weed, this is an excellent addition to your stoner outfit, layered on top of a comfortable pair of sweats and a 420 shirt. 

We love this stoner hoodie best because it’s understated. Unlike some of the other statement-pieces on our list, it is attention-grabbing but not offensive. If you walk down the street, you’ll only attract the attention of those in the know. It’s a stylish take on our ongoing need for weed, and just maybe, someone will respond to your call!

Is this Hoodie Luckier Than a Four Leaf Clover? Short Answer: Yes

Do you know a few people in your life with a horseshoe in their pocket? No matter what life (or #2020) throws at them, they shake it off and get right back up again? Maybe it’s a four-leaf clover in their pocket, or perhaps it’s all that weed they smoke. 

For all your friends, colleagues, and loved ones whose chill stoner temperament has helped them through life, we’ve got a lucky hoodie for them. It’s a side-by-side comparison of where their lifelong lucky streak has come from. Hint: it’s not from the Irish, a lucky horseshoe, or a four-leaf clover — but it is green.

For the Stoner Who Stands Up for Justice

Fact: the police kill more people on a daily, monthly, and annual basis than weed. Another fact: weed has never once directly led to death. Police altercations are another story. We learned a lot about what the police have done in 2020. It’s not good.

If you have been looking for the perfect piece of marijuana clothing for your protesting, politically active friends, look no further. This hoodie is designed to start conversations and get people thinking about the real problems in the world. Cannabis is safer than the police, and we dare anyone to come up with evidence to the contrary.

A Gift For Yourself — Why Shy Away from the Truth?

If you love rolling perfect monstrous blunts, joints and spliffs, this is a gift for yourself. Since you’ve been claiming big things about the size of your rolls for years — you can finally publicly announce your love affair with big blunts with a shirt.

This not-so-shy stoner outfit tells your friends, family, and total strangers about your preference for massive blunts. It’s not appropriate for everyone, and that’s part of its charm. It’s loud and abrasive! You will surely get someone’s attention for this claim, and you better have the skills and the technique to back it up. Because if you haven’t offended the reader, they will quickly follow up with a request: can you roll them one?

Weed Merchandise for the Highly Medicated 

The more people experience medical marijuana; the more people are convinced about the therapeutic effects. For pain, anxiety, sleep, and yes, depression, cannabis has a lot to offer. Increasingly, research even shows that patients prefer weed over pharmaceutical alternatives. For anyone nodding in agreement with these statements, this hoodie is for you.

A large antidepressant bottle filled full of flowers is what the doctor ordered. On the surface, just a tongue-in-cheek statement, but this cool weed shirt has a much deeper meaning. It’s the perfect hoodie for all those medical marijuana patients in your inner circle who get by thanks to the healing power of weed.

A Gift for Mom (Who Loves to Get High)

The older you get, the more you find out about your parents. Maybe you’ve recently found out your mother smokes weed, and you wouldn’t be the only one. The mom-stoner is a massive new demographic of weed lovers. Which is this hoodie is the perfect addition to her stoner outfit. It’s a statement piece, but it’s also a hoodie, which makes it ideal for all aspects of parent life. Great for getting messy, early morning soccer practice, and for a 30-minute nap on the couch.

If there are moms in your life who love weed as much as you do, don’t forget to show your support. Even though the likes of The Guardian are now reporting on the rise of stoner moms, they might still find it difficult to talk about it. What better way to kick start a conversation than with the gift of a statement-pot shirt?

T-Shirts and Hoodies: The Perfect Stoner Merch

For the next holiday season or birthday celebration, you know have a good idea what to get that stoner in your life. Weed merchandise is much evolved from the corduroy pants and Grateful Dead paraphernalia we all loved so much. Now, there is a statement piece for every cannabis connoisseur, no matter the demographic. 

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