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International Cannabis Business Conference Berlin: The What, When, Why, Where, Who and How

If you’re looking to attend a cannabis conference that has an international scope, a lineup you won’t find anywhere else, that will be host to some of the most advanced global minds of cannabis, look no further than the International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC).

What & When It Is

On April 11-13, a group of activists, businesspeople, and cannabis culture representatives from over 40 different countries will congregate in Berlin for the world-leader of cannabis conferences. They’ll share learning, experiences, and important discussions on prevalent topics in the cannabis industry, with a goal of learning from each other and explore future opportunities in the blossoming industry.

Topics to be covered include global import and export of cannabis, the status of medical cannabis in global markets, the blockchain movement, strategic partnerships, understanding publicly traded cannabis companies and much more.

Where It Is

Last year, Germany became a European leader in its liberalization of medical cannabis laws; the conference being held in Berlin at the Maritim proArte Hotel will honor the nation’s great contributions to the advancement of global cannabis.

Why It Happens & Why You Should Go

The cannabis movement is much greater than how it is unfolding in each individual country, and events like ICBC allow cannabis industry representatives to recognize and celebrate the scope of the advancement around cannabis across the world. The event serves to celebrate advancements in its host country while recognizing all the progress in the cannabis movement worldwide.

“Germany’s medical marijuana laws have put the country close to the forefront of the global movement,” said ICBC Executive Producer Alex Rogers, “The goal of this, and every ICBC, is to educate the world about the latest developments in the host country, allow experts from across the globe to share their experiences, and to provide an excellent networking venue for the best and brightest in the cannabis industry.”

The ICBC is an excellent event for someone who has advanced in cannabis in their own country but are yet to explore the broader picture issues of cannabis on the global scale. It promises to be an eye-opening experience, as nations band together to share their best practices, and have an opportunity to learn from each other in a safe, friendly environment.

Who Will Be There?

The event will feature some of the leading advocates and representatives from countries across the world that have prioritized cannabis legalization. We’ll hear from representatives from the German Hemp Association, Canntelligence, MMJ Canada’s cannabis lawyers, and some of the top cannabis consultants in America. To top it off, outspoken activist and rock icon Henry Rollins will deliver a keynote, while Cypress Hill’s DJ Muggs provides a spinning performance for attendees during an after party.

Highlife Media, a leader in global cannabis content and community building will be in attendance at an exhibition booth. The company extends an open invitation to all attendees to come say hi, and to discuss possible collaborations.

How to Get Involved

Early-bird tickets will be available until March 21. You can get a ticket to the conference for $449 or an all-inclusive early-bird pass for $599. Don’t wait, this event is expected to sell out. Visit or call (888) 920-6076 to register now!

See you there!

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