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These Infused Rolling Papers Will Get You Ultra High

As the world of concentrates becomes more sophisticated and people are finding ways to enhance their cannabis experiences, people are using “twaxing” to prolong the burn of their joints.

To twax your joint is to use cannabis concentrate material in the rolling of your joint to prolong the time it takes your joint to burn down and give your joint an extra kick via the concentrate.

Many people have opted to twax using DIY methods that place a thin layer of wax or concentrate inside the rolled joint. Some opt to twist a thin piece of wax around the length of the joint.

The downside of twaxing is that it is time-consuming and can often be messy, especially if the wax is wrapped on the outside and has the potential to get hot and drip.

Now, The Clear has partnered with Raw papers to develop a new product they boast as the first medicated paper on the market.

The Clear TWAX Concentrated Papers product has infused the concentrate right into the papers, removing the need to add wax to your joint to twax.

The technology by The Clear claims to add “Power to Your Flower” by placing 97% THC oil between 2 ultra-thin Raw-brand papers, allowing a consistent and slow burn.

When you purchase the product, you get a tube that contains two 100mg papers and two tips. There are four different strains/flavors available:

  • Raw
  • Grapevine
  • Blueberry
  • Lemon Haze

Experienced Users Only

This product contains as much THC in a single pre-roll as an entire Elite Disposable Vape by The Clear. Simply put, that’s A LOT of THC. If your customer is an infrequent or light user, please think twice before recommending TWAX as their pre-roll purchase.

You can check out the store locator by Clear to see if the papers are available in your area.

If you’re on the look for some regular but cool rolling papers, you might want to check out our friends over at Rowll.

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  1. It's Nick maynee aha says:

    How do you purchase em? And what’s the deal with shipping to other states? These look too delicious!

  2. tylor says:

    i want some

  3. truthfirst says:

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  4. Giovanni says:

    How do we purchase these please .?

  5. Tammy hale says:

    How do I order the Twax

  6. Wilfredo Crespo says:

    I need me some of those.

  7. Toni Marie Rubio says:

    I’ve heard about your products from friends. All of them have great reviews. I can’t wait to try them out.

  8. James Purchase says:

    Where in Macomb,Mi. 48088 can you get these clear papers.!!!

  9. Shikaydos says:

    How do I order

  10. daviddubo says:

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  11. Plant073 says:

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  12. Ron says:

    How I can get these to me asap

  13. Martin Youell says:

    How can I get some

  14. Tim jim says:

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  15. liz Vazquez says:

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  19. Ras Irie says:

    Need some

  20. Jenn says:

    I have infused Grand Marnier Cannabis oil with raw papers….just like rum and a cigar……only I infused the liquor with cannabis first……..concentrated cannabis grand mariner ..very yummy. smokes nice ~no wax.

  21. Dunia says:

    How can I purchase them.

  22. Dunia says:

    How can I purchase them.

  23. Davidgarza says:

    I’m starting to think they don’t exist .. does anyone know where to get or order theses twax papers!?

  24. Boo says:

    What dispos carry this?????

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