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Huge Cannabis Shortages In Canada Following Legalization

Day One Of Cannabis Legislation In Canada Saw Physical And Online Shops Selling Out Fast, As Customer Demand Outweighed The Supply Available.

Canada is already experiencing a massive shortage of cannabis since legislation came into effect last Wednesday. Cannabis customers were so excited to be able to finally get their hands on legal weed, that some outlets ran out of stock on the very first day of being open for business.

Both Canadian citizens and tourists visiting the country queued up for hours outside one of Canada’s many official weed outlets, purchasing everything from pre-rolled joints to large packets of bud.

Stores in the states of Labrador and Newfoundland had to close their doors before the day was over, as they had entirely run out of product. Store owners are disappointed that they ran out of stock so fast and that they weren’t able to supply more people with their desired product. The frustration stems from many shop owners paying cannabis producers up front for a quantity of weed that failed to arrive, meaning that many stores were already low on stock before they even opened their doors for business.

In the cosmopolitan city of Quebec, hundreds of hopeful customers spent hours waiting in lines so they could enter the shops selling cannabis, but many were forced to return home empty-handed.

One customer was so disgruntled having wasted valuable time waiting; they said in future they would stick with the black market when buying their weed.

In the Northwest Territories, there was only one shop selling cannabis in Yellowknife and even they ran out of product before the close of business last Wednesday.

Things didn’t go any better for online stores either- which caused further outrage as online weed shopping is currently the only option for those living in places such as Ontario, where cannabis stores haven’t opened yet.

Customers shopping online reported having a lot of difficulties when trying to make purchases via weed websites, as often the website would crash, freeze or product In light of the shortages that were forecast, the situation isn’t exactly surprising.

Earlier this month, the University of Waterloo and the C.D.Howe Institute released the results of a study they had performed. It was revealed that the Howe Institute discovered that while Canada was capable of supplying approximately 210 tons of quality marijuana, the demand would reach as much as 610. Producers are now coming forward and admitting that they are currently not meeting public demand or expectations.

Several outlets are waiting anxiously to receive a shipment of legal cannabis that they can sell before the weekend arrives. But, at the end of the day, we all need to remember that all of the chaos mentioned above happened on the very first day of a drug that was formerly illegal becoming legal. And when you put it into perspective, it would have been incredibly strange if legal cannabis outlets closed their doors without selling out!

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