Huge Bongs And Mini Bongs: A Guide To Finding The Right One For You

Huge Bongs And Mini Bongs: A Guide To Finding The Right One For You


We’ve all suffered from “analysis paralysis” while staring at a massive wall of bongs for sale. Your brain starts playing funny tricks on you, saying things like, that huge bong is alluring, but will it tip over like the Leaning Tower of Pisa? Or maybe something along the lines of, that mini bong certainly is mini, but the bubble chamber is cool AF!

In situations like these, there is no right answer. It all comes down to the type of session you want, and how you balance ancillary features like design, chambers, and percs. We offer such a wide variety that you may want to buy them all, but since you have to pay the bills, we’ve put together this guide on how to be an expert during your next bong-purchasing excursion.

The world of beakers and bubbles can seem like a foreign language. Since your brain is foggy for *obvious reasons*, we’ve made you a list defining the various components of a bong, discuss how they work, and examine the various shapes and sizes they come in.

Bong-onomics 101:

  • Bong – A device used for consuming various substances, often comprised of a bowl, downstem, mouthpiece, and chamber.  
  • Bowl – The area where your favorite flowers are packed into.
  • Downstem – A tube that guides smoke from the bowl to the main part of the bong.
  • Mouthpiece – This is where the 420 enthusiast puts their mouth.
  • Chamber – This is where the smoke gathers, filtering out ash and debris, while also cooling the smoke.
  • Ice Catcher – Designed to support ice cubes, these are generally located in the main stem of a bong; functionally, the ice further cools down and filters the smoke.
  • Percolator – Bubble-producing chambers that help deliver a cleaner, smoother inhale.

How They Work:

Bongs work very simply. Fill the cylinder up with water (visionaries sometimes use liquids like juice to add flavor) just beyond the end of the downstem. The liquid acts as a filter for ash, while also lowering the temperature of the smoke. Be careful with how much water you add, as using too much can result in a more difficult pull, or even result in the water splashing up the neck of the bong and into your mouth.

Once you’ve found the Goldilocks level for water – not too much, not too little – pack the bowl to your liking, spark up, and away you go!

Now that we’ve started your education, let’s look at the different sizes and shapes bongs come in.

Huge Bongs:

Our huge bongs start at 16”, and with their size comes a few built-in advantages. Their height allows users to create colossal, milky white hits, with just one flick of your lighter. The downside of this is that they’re easier to knock over, so be sure that yours is in a safe, protected area when you’re not using it.

Huge Bongs

Further, larger bongs are always a hit among friends! By pulling out a giant, hand-blown borosilicate glass bong, people are sure to be impressed, and eager to try it out for themselves. They’re an artistic, visually pleasing piece that “lights up” any room.

One huge bong we love is the 19-inch Knotted Straightshooter, which looks like it was designed by a futuristic glassblower who enjoys advanced simplicity. It’s made from heat-stable scientific glass, so it’s pretty sturdy. With the swirling colorful patterns on the mouthpiece and base, plus the yellow stained glass effect, its love at first loop.

It’s also one of the many bongs that feature an ice catcher in the cylinder. By dropping a few ice cubes down the neck of your piece and onto the ice catcher, your smoke will continue to be cooled, resulting in a much easier inhale, and a more pleasurable experience overall.

Mini Bongs:

Size and Shape

At 6 inches and under, mini bongs are more quickly and easily stored, which is especially helpful for those times your family shows up unannounced. Due to their size, these pieces are also more portable, though you may want to wrap them in a protective towel or blanket as a precaution.

Mini Bongs

While they might not be as physically imposing as their larger relatives, they can still pack a pulmonary punch. Their smaller size means that most mini bongs won’t have a fun maze of chambers and tubes. However, many of them contain a wider, bubble-shaped structure at the base, which reduces the likelihood of it tipping over.

The 4.5 inches Mini Skull Bubbler is a great example of a smaller device that still maintains a sense of style and simple usability. Made of hand-blown borosilicate glass, this bong not only looks incredible, but it also provides smooth hits. Its sturdy base ensures stability, while also providing a larger chamber. Whether you take hits big or small, this piece can deliver it all.

If that was overwhelming, don’t be discouraged. has the right bong for every user and occasion. Regardless of what size you’re looking for, we guarantee you’ll find one that fits your personality and pulmonary skill level.