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How To Roll A Rose Blunt In Five Easy Steps

Using rose petals to roll a rose blunt has recently taken the internet and the entire cannabis-consuming world by storm. While no one can deny, the latest viral internet video of Simple_Sasha rolling a blunt with three fresh rose petals looks like a novel new way to smoke your herb. Clearly, the floral aromas from the rose would add a noticeable bouquet, and the beauty and luxury of wrapping a blunt with roses is certainly appealing. But what else does smoking rose petals add to the session?

But what else does smoking rose petals add to the session? Is your rose blunt safe?

Health Benefits of the Rose Blunt

Naturally, as a plant with terpenes, roses do contain some health benefit. Roses have been used in ancient medicine for centuries for helping with gastrointestinal disorders, inflammation, and various other ailments. Rose is a common ingredient in many teas, and may even be a diuretic to help with weight loss.  The essential oils of roses have been used to heal depression, grief, nervous stress, and tension. So, there is certainly potential using roses could be beneficial.

However, if the cannabis industry has taught consumers anything, we know to be particular about learning exactly what we are inhaling. Pesticide residues can cause a plethora of health issues. The crackdown on pesticides began in Denver in 2015 after reporters from the Cannabist did an independent test on products purchased in the industry. Tests showed high levels of detrimental pesticides. So, before you just run out and buy the first cheap dozen roses from Walmart to start rolling your own, understand there may be some underlying ugliness in that beautiful bouquet.

Understand What You’re Smoking

The National Wildlife Federation reported in 2005, the amount of pesticides on imported, commercially-grown roses is fifty times greater than the pesticides allowed on imported foods. These pesticides are said to cause numerous illnesses in the workers at the rose farms including symptoms such as headaches, blurred vision and nausea as well as more severe problems such as stillbirths, birth defects and vaginal bleeding. In fact, livestock in the area is reportedly getting sick from water contamination as well.

If you’re going to be particular about the carcinogens you’re inhaling from your cannabis, then you must be particular about the chemicals used in the materials you are rolling it with, too. Finding roses grown without pesticides can be difficult. Basically, you need food-grade rose petals or organically grown roses.

Enjoy, With Caution

Certainly, rolling blunts in rose petals at your next get-together would be a glamorous way to entertain your guests. Just make sure those rose petals aren’t hiding behind a layer of deadly chemicals. While the night is a hit, the long-term damage could ruin the buzz.

How To Roll a Rose Blunt

In this video, MacDizzle, one of our favorite weed influencers is going to show you how to roll a rose blunt in five easy steps 🙂 Enjoy!

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