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How To Dry & Cure Cannabis

It’s easy to dry & cure cannabis once you know how! Read on to find out exactly what you need to do, from start to finish.

3 responses to “How To Dry & Cure Cannabis”

  1. I have a household with about three people including a five-year-old, and occasionally one more. We have not a problem stuffing the dishwasher. I do believe people worry necessarily about this dried out on food. Dishwasher technicians know about that. Dried up on food gets undried on during the process.

  2. Mack Tippetts says:

    I tend to rinse the dishes, particularly if the dishwasher won’t be full by the end of the day. Otherwise, it starts to smell, and the food sticks to the plates.

    • Seshata says:

      I’d love to know why comments about dishwashing techniques are showing up on my article about drying and curing cannabis 😀

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