How to Consume Cannabis

May 6, 2017


How to consume cannabis may seem like a very straightforward and easy to answer question, but it is more complex than many may think.

There are numerous different ways that individuals can consume cannabis for recreational or medicinal purposes. It is not just smoking a joint or eating pot brownies anymore. With legalization progressing across the states for recreational and medicinal purposes there have been more studies and more research performed that has allowed for more innovative and safer ways of consuming cannabis to be developed.

The same progression has also allowed for different extraction techniques to evolve allowing for various products other than just edibles or buds for consumption.

Let’s take a look at a few of the common ways that one could consume cannabis.


Smoking the dry buds or flowers from the cannabis plant is one of the oldest forms of consuming the herb. The most common way of consuming the dry buds is by smoking a joint, blunt, bowl, bong or bubbler. These traditional forms of cannabis consumption resemble the common ways of consuming tobacco. You only have to pack into the bowl or roll in a paper, apply flame and inhale.


Consuming cannabis by vaporizing it is very similar to smoking weed in the essence that you will inhale the cannabis product. A lot of patients vaporize their cannabis concentrates. These concentrates or oils are heated using atomizers rather than flame and produce a vapor rather than smoke.

Vaporizing cannabis is proving to be much healthier than traditional smoking methods. Vaporizing is much healthier as you do not receive the carcinogens when you inhale like you do when smoking cannabis. There are also dry herb vaporizers on the market that will allow you to vaporize buds or flowers rather than oils or concentrates.

The effects seen from vaporizing cannabis products as well as the length of effects that are associated with vaporizing cannabis products are very similar to the length of effects and the actual effects associated with smoking. When it comes to vaporizing concentrates such as budder, shatter or wax the process is commonly referred to as dabbing.


Ingesting cannabis is actually the oldest form of consuming cannabis contrary to popular belief that smoking is. People around the world have been ingesting cannabis raw and through different foods and drinks for thousands of years.

Many people have heard of pot brownies, but almost any food, or drink can be infused with cannabis for medical and recreational effects. When ingesting marijuana, the effects take longer to kick in as the products must move through and be broken down by the digestive system. On the bright side, the length of the effects are much longer when compared to smoking or vaporizing.

Topicals and other applications

Cannabis-based salves, lotions, creams and other topicals that are applied externally are proving to provide extreme medical benefits without the psychoactive effect that is associated with other consumption methods. Pain, inflammation, and tingling in the extremities are just a few of the things that topicals are providing relief from.


Liquid extracts, tongue drops, sprays and other liquid products that are consumed orally – such as cannabis tinctures – are proving to be very healthy and offer extreme benefits at a rapid rate. These products are great medical options for those who cannot consume edibles, smoke or vaporize cannabis such as pediatric patients.

It’s All About What You’re After

When it comes to consuming cannabis choosing the method that is right for you depends highly on what you hope to get out of the consumption. Each consumption method has a different effect, takes a different amount of time to take effect, last different lengths and provide different benefits. If it is simply the buzz you are after I suggest rolling a joint or eating a good edible, depending on how quickly you would like to feel the effects and how long you hope for them to last! If you are looking for medical benefits the best consumption method will truly depend on your specific scenario and needs. If you have any questions it is best to consult with your medical cannabis budtender to find the product and consumption method that is perfect for your needs.



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