The High Chemical (THC)

THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is the main chemical compound in cannabis. You know, the entire reason people love ganja so much. When you consume cannabis, your body takes in the THC, metabolizes it, and creates metabolites – the most common being THC-COOH.

When people take a drug test, they are actually testing for THC-COOH because, if this chemical is present, it shows that the body has processed and metabolized the THC from the cannabis. But, unlike other substances, your body stores THC-COOH in your fat cells. For that reason, it can take quite awhile for cannabis to fully leave your system.

How Long Does It Stick Around?

The exact time it takes cannabis to completely flush out of your body depends on how often and how much you consume. Heavy smokers need over 2 months to be rid of any traces of cannabis, whereas someone who takes the occasional puff at a party could be clean within a week. Check below to see where you fall on the cannabis-clean timeline.

1 TIME USE: up to 8 days

3 TIMES PER WEEK: up to 15 days

5 TIMES PER WEEK: up to 30 days

DAILY USE: up to 75 days

Keep in mind, there are a few other factors that come into play with cannabis cleansing. Your amount of exercise, your diet, and your personal THC metabolism – how fast your body is able to fully metabolize the chemical – all come into play when figuring out how long cannabis sticks around in your body.

Got A Drug Test Coming Up?

There are several different ways people will test for THC metabolites. The most common is a urinalysis (the pee-test), but there are also less-common tests done on blood, hair, and saliva. If you have a drug test coming up, make sure you know which type you will be expected to take so you can be prepared.

Saliva Test

These tests are one of the least common testing options for employers because THC doesn’t last very long in your saliva. THC metabolites will begin to show up in your mouth within 1 hour after smoking, but can remain detectable for up to 24 hours. If you’re a regular consumer, the time cannabis is traceable through a saliva test could be up to 72 hours. And, if you’re a heavy smoker, you better wait at least one week before the swab test.

Although saliva tests aren’t that common for employers, they are used quite a bit by traffic cops on the lookout for high drivers. If you’re needing to pass a saliva drug test, the best option is to use Rapid Clear Spit Clean. It’s a mouthwash that cleanses your mouth of all drug toxins for up to 30 minutes and is completely undetectable on your swab test. Pro-tip for all the space-cruisers: keep a bottle in the glove box.

Hair Test

Hair tests are also much less common (and are even questionable as to how accurate they are), but they check for any presence of drugs in your body over the past 90 days. THC metabolites show up in your hair about 7 days after you consume cannabis.

If you’ve got a hair drug test coming up, Rapid Clear also makes a Detox Cleanse Shampoo. It removes all the toxins from your hair follicles, including medications, chemical residue buildup, and other unwanted toxins from within the hair follicle.

Blood Test

This drug test is the least common of the bunch because THC metabolites don’t float around in your blood for very long. They quickly get absorbed by your body’s fat cells. Even if you are a heavy, chronic smoker, your blood should come up clean on a test within 1 week if you abstain from usage.

Urine Test

The urinalysis is by far the most common way to be tested for cannabis because your body expels a lot of it’s THC metabolites through your urine for awhile after your last smoke. Even though cannabis likes to hang around in your body, there are some really great ways to make sure it’s not picked up on your drug test.

WATER + DETOX DRINKS – In order to mask the fact your pee is full of THC metabolites, drink lots of water so your urine is more diluted. However, this is definitely a red flag to the guys running the testing lab – you’re not the first person to try and pull this. In order to pass off your really diluted urine as “normal”, you’ve got to give your body some extra supplements. Rapid Clear detox drinks (and detox pills) not only help your body hold off on releasing drug toxins for a few hours, they also have Vitamin B2 and creatine – normal substances found in urine that give it it’s color and consistency. Drink one of these a few hours before your drug test and you’ll be golden.

MID-STREAM – When you’re taking your drug test, make sure to use only the middle of your urine stream. The beginning and end of your stream contain the most toxins, so it’s best if you just catch the middle part in the cup.

SYNTHETIC URINE – If you’re a chronic smoker (no, not the hybrid strain), you may be better off with ditching the dilution trick and investing in some synthetic urine – urine manufactured in a lab. It’s got all the chemicals and pH balance of normal urine and is completely untraceable to the lab technicians running your test. Two synthetic urines dominate the market, Quick Fix Synthetic Urine because it’s pre-mixed and ready to go and Xstream Synthetic Urine which actually smells like real urine.