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Home Grown Cup 2017

Poster Homegrown Cup 2017

It’s a cold autumn morning on December 2th and we are on our way to the home grown cup 2017. It’s the third time this new cup has been held in the Netherlands after a successful second time last year in Eindhoven. This years location is Tilburg in a lovely venue on the edge of the Forest.

The Homegrown Cup is still a non-profit organisation that focuses on quality and giving connoisseurs and cannabis enthusiasts the possibility to network and compete against each other. Without the possibility to buy tickets and being reliable on volunteers and sponsors. Make this cup cozy with a non-commercial feeling and a great atmosphere where the love of cannabis is celebrated.

The venue is packed with groups of people waiting for their judge packages. Tables are filled with dab rigs, papers, grinders, bongs and ashtrays. In this Cup all competitors are also judges and when all entries are in, the judge packages are prepared and given out. All the strains need to be tested on the same day so we are up for a long day testing. Around 14:00 all judge packages are sent out and the the testing slowly starts.

The cup has 6 categories:

(I) Indica dominant indoor

(S) Sativa dominant indoor

(O) Outdoor

(ST) Concentrates solvent

(SL) Concentrates solvent less

(H) Hash

We have to judge the Sativa, indica the solvent and solventless categories at our table. The overall quality is high and a lot of really nice strains pass by. Good old familiar strains but also a couple of newer ones. During the testing and judging the cups crew supplies the entire venue with drinks, fruits, cake and pizza throughout the day. Drinks and food were free of charge only alcoholic beverages had to be purchased separately.

Around 21:45 all the results are in and counted and the winners are announced. Earlier than planned to surprise of many. The big winner was Lady Sativa Genetics, taking home the Mostly Indica Indoor (Super Orange Glue), Mostly Sativa Indoor (Orange Diesel v3) and second place in the Solventless (Marmalade) categories.

A wonderful event for the real connoisseur and cannabis enthusiast. Big thanks to all the volunteers and competitors for making the cup a successful event! We will be looking forward to the 2018 cup that will be held in december. 

Want to participate in the next cup?

If you want to see the full list of winners go have a look here:

Winners: https://thestonedsociety.com/culture/events/homegrown-cup-2017-winners/
Website: https://homegrowncup.nl/

Photos by: Foto © Derrick Bergman

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