Goody Box Review: Hippie Butler

Goody Box Review: Hippie Butler

Hippie Butler is a special 420 subscription service. Unlike most other smoking subscription boxes out there, Hippie Butler lets you choose your box according to a set of multiple choice options geared towards joint rollers, glass enthusiasts, concentrate enthusiasts and all-round connoisseurs! They also work with the hottest brands in the industry, such as Cookies, DoobTubes, Juicy J, Phonecian, RooR, Shine and, of course, Raw Papers.

Hippie Butler Subscription Options

When you create your own box you’ll have the following pricing and styling options:

1. Rollers Club – 11.99$ a month

First off, you’re given the choice between Rolling Papers, Hemp Wraps or a Mix of the two. After you choose your preference, you can then choose whether you prefer your papers flavored or non-flavored – or you can mix it up again and get some of each. Apart from that, the contents of the box are a total mystery. All we know is it “contains glass”, along with everything your everyday joint roller needs!

2. Butler Box – 32.99$ a month

Again, before you can order you have to choose whether you like your papers flavored or unflavored, or if you prefer a mix. This time, you won’t be asked if you prefer hemp wraps or rolling papers – in fact, this box is even more of a mystery!

3. Masters Club – 139.99$ a month

If you want to join the Masters Club, you’ll have to choose from a different, eclectic set of choices. Which do you prefer? Flower, Concentrate, or to mix it up between the two? Either way, Hippie Butler has got your back, providing you with elite products and a level of service the common people will envy you for!

Hippie Butler Review

Simon was lucky enough to get his hands on one of the Hippie Butler Boxes. Check out his review here!

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