If you’re a regular weed-smoker, you know that a lot of things are a lot better when you’re high. Of course, many tokers have discovered the enhanced pleasures of having sex when you’re high, and it is something that can bring you and your partner closer together. If you’ve never had high sex , we’ve put together a list of 5 reasons why you should absolutely give it a try.

If you do want to give high sex a shot, be sure to discuss it with your partner in advance so you can know you’re both comfortable and happy to experiment.

Being in the Moment

One of the best things about good sex is when both partners are completely invested, involved and just enjoying the moment. Our stressful lives and worries can get in the way of being completely engaged in sex and ironically, it can ruin the chance for the perfect connection. Smoking weed can certainly help you ease these doubts and worries and let you commit to your partner 420%. After all, I think we can all agree that nothing makes us feel sexier than the complete focus of our partner.

High Focus

One of the best parts about being high is the intense sense of focus it can create. We find ourselves fixated on the one activity we are enjoying, and stop concerning ourselves with anything else. Nothing is sexier than a partner that is entirely focused on you and your pleasure, and high sex can be a very bonding experience for this reason.

Looking at your Partner in a new Way

One of the sad things about long-term relationships is that we can tend to get used to our partners. We know their bodies, we know them, and we know we can have sex whenever we want. Getting high before having sex gives you the opportunity to see your partner in a new way, or in the way you did when you were first together. This sense of pleasure helps make daily things like showers a sexy thing again, and can really light up your sex life.

New Sensations

When we are high, our sensory input is on overdrive. This means that your whole body is more open to a sense of touch, and sense of pleasure. Even places you don’t normally find stimulating can be intensely arousing when you’re high. Next time you have a few tokes, invite your partner to bed and see how wild you go when they kiss your neck.


Aphrodisiacs are substances that increase your libido and speed of arousal when you consume them. Many people claim that oysters, chocolate, asparagus, and – you guessed it – weed, are natural aphrodisiacs that can help to put you in the right mood. Many tokers love getting it on after a few tokes. Sometimes, life can get so stressful that our libido can take a hit, and we can forget how much we actually like and enjoy sex. When you’ve hit a stress-rut, remember that a quick smoking session with your partner can be a great way to put you both in the mood.

And now…let’s have some fun 🙂