Harvard Study Reveals that Cannabis Smoking Develops Brain Function

April 6, 2017
Harvard Study Reveals that Cannabis Smoking Develops Brain Function


Our series of articles covering cannabis-related studies continues. But what can we do when more and more scientists are studying the effects and medical benefits of cannabis? We need to spread the facts and new discoveries, and they are more than interesting. One of the most recent scientific studies comes from Harvard University where recent findings pointed out that cannabis smoking develops brain function.

Harvard University

The responsible researchers, part of the Harvard Medical School, McLean Hospital and Tufts University have started examinations that have found remarkable assets from using the plant. The discovery has been published in Frontiers in Pharmacology and involves an effective test that cannabis improves our abilities to utilize the knowledge that is acquired by our brain’s mental processes.

The Results

The study included 24 certified medical-cannabis patients and lasted more than three months. During these months the patients’ cognitive functions were measured, and this included the Trail Making Test and the Stroop Color Word Test.

Eventually, the scientists saw that the subjects did quite well on the tests.

After three months of medical marijuana treatment, patients actually performed better, in terms of their ability to perform certain cognitive tasks, specifically those mediated by the frontal cortex. Study participants also reported improvements in their specific clinical conditions, sleep, and overall health as well as a decreased use of conventional medications, particularly opiates.

By Dr. Gruber

The Assets from It

The participants in the study reported advancement in their clinical conditions as well as sleep and overall health situation. They even reported decreased usage of conventional medications and opiates in particular.


We saw a 42 percent reduction in opioid use. This is significant, particularly for those of us in Massachusetts and other areas of the country where the opioid epidemic is ravaging so many. This preliminary finding certainly warrants deeper and broader investigation.

By Dr. Gruber

The Future

We certainly need many other studies to be able to fully determine what the herb can do for our health. Doctor Gruber shares they have started to take cannabis seriously because it can certainly bring our health back on track in many different ways.

As a conclusion, she states that since people are using it anyway, it is up to her team to evaluate the best and safest way to consume cannabis.



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