For some people ‘organisation’ is likely the last thing that comes to mind when thinking about serious weed enthusiasts. But those in the know realise how important it is to be able to keep your smoking apparatus ready to go at all times. The value of having a solid, ready-to-go smoking kit cannot be underestimated. Gone are the days when it was acceptable to stomp around frustratedly searching for your grinder or asking your partner if they’d seen your butane torch lately. These days it’s all about efficiency.

Why You Need A Smoking Kit?

That said, we’re all human and the chances of losing your keys are still as high as ever. So why wouldn’t it be the same with your smoking materials? This is why products like the new range from Happy Kit represent such a positive move for smokers and dabbers everywhere. Their series of gear collections bring together all the essential items you might need into one convenient package. Whether you’re smoking or dabbing, a long time afficionado or just starting out on journey they’ve got you covered.

Now the equipment on offer here isn’t about to usurp your cherished desktop vaporizer of its prized place but what it will do is give you something that’s decent quality, affordable, and extremely portable. Something that’s suitable for when you want to head out and maybe get a smoke or a dab in wherever you end up. And if it attempts to rid our lives of all those irritating moments searching for rolling papers then so be it.

Whether it’s to party with friends or a solo session on the go these Happy Kits will keep your essential items safely contained in one place that is easy to manage and transport.

Do You Want to Be Happy or Very Happy?

Of the several new kits available the standouts to us are the Happy Deluxe and the Very Happy Kit. Both of these collections are similar but the Very Happy kit has a few extra pieces which are sure to make you ‘very happy.’ Savvy-use of marketing phrases aside, at just thirty dollars the Happy Deluxe is an absolute bargain. The quality of the included three inch glass pipe and one hitter pipe alone make this a great investment for anyone, especially those just starting out. It’d certainly make a perfect gift for a friend and would quickly become anyone’s favourite fully organized kit.

The Very Happy Kit is a real beast of a kit suitable for everyone but with the selection on offer it is perhaps best suited for veterans. It packs everything you’ll find in the Deluxe but with some choice extras. For example, the four-piece aluminium grinder. That’s a full sized grinder with a built-in kief catcher so you can save and store all the most potent parts of your weed for later. Not to mention the doob tube that keeps all your pre-rolled joints safe or four inch pipe. Along with a few other pieces, everything you’ll find in the Deluxe, and an affordable price tag it’s quite the deal.

Everyone Needs A One Hitter

A feature in each of these kits I’d like to highlight is the one hitter. Each variant of the Kit range boasts a one hitter pipe in the mix somewhere. It probably goes without saying that one hitters are widely underrated which is a shame because they’re potent, discreet, and easy to use. Happy Kits take into account that this is still an essential piece of gear for every smoker out there. Every veteran smoker probably has one of them sitting in their collection somewhere.

One hitters are easy to use on the go, small so they can be carried or stored in a pocket easily, and used without attracting too much attention. Most importantly, despite their size, they offer strong potent hits.

What about dabs?

Over the last number of years dabbing has become one of the most popular ways to consume cannabis and for very good reason.If you’re more of a fan of dabs then there’s a kit for you, too. Through dabbing it is possible to get stupendously high, which has always got to be viewed as a positive.

Featuring a nectar collector, 2x5ml wax containers and a dab tool the Happy Dab Kit offers you a superior method of dabbing while out and about. It also comes with a butane torch so you’re good to go as soon as you acquire yours.

Discretion is the Secret Feature

As well as containing a whole bundle of essentials each Happy Kit is extremely discreet. All of the kits are smell resistant so there’s no need to worry about any embarrassing smells leaking out at inappropriate times. If only every odour was as easy to solve, am I right? Just me?

Also, it’s both waterproof and shatterproof. So all the little spills and thrills of life can be approached without worry that your precious accessories are gonna be destroyed. As long as they’re safely tucked inside their respective places you should be good to go in whatever you’re doing.

These small design touches may seem inconsequential to some but they’re further proof that Happy Kits have taken the time to create something with the average smoker or dabber’s best interests in mind and something that can be used easily while on the move in the world.

 So, Should You Get a Smoking Kit?

If you’re tired of all your materials getting thrashed around inside your backpack or dread the thoughts of having to go rummaging through your room just to find some rolling papers then I think these kits are perfect for you. There’s enough stresses in life without this, the most relaxing of activities, being one of them.

All in all these collections give great value for money. The quality of the products on offer is top level and each one is designed with care and built using the best materials out there. The Happy Kits selection sets a standard for smoking kits everywhere and for good reason.