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Learn About Hair Test for Weed

Do you have an upcoming hair test for weed in your future? Hair testing has become a permanent fixture on many job sites. Another necessary evil of finding a job. Most drugs are completely flushed from your system within a matter of days. Because of this, employers now rely on hair testing to find traces of weed. Unlike urine or blood, hair continues to hold toxins, like marijuana, for up to 90 days.

How Do Hair Tests for Cannabis Work?

The premise of the hair testing is that it can detect marijuana long after it has left the blood and urine. Because the THC molecules travel through your body by way of the bloodstream, it quickly spreads into your saliva and urine. However, it will take approximately five days for it to be testable in your hair.

Slowly, the THC metabolites travel through the bloodstream, and they deposit in your hair follicles. Once in your hair follicle, the THC becomes trapped in the hair shaft. The five-day delay between the time of drug ingestion and hair test is the time it takes the hair to grow out of your head.

Hair grows on average of half an inch a month. This slow growth means that if you smoked weed three months ago, there is still THC within 1.5 inches of your hair. The THC metabolite is physically trapped in the shaft of hair; it can’t be washed out.

How Accurate are Hair Tests for Weed?

Unfortunately, hair testing for weed isn’t always accurate. Many circumstances lead to false positives. Researchers have found that outside sources can contaminate results. Grey hair more often leads to false positives. Also, everyone’s hair grows differently. The average monthly hair growth is only half an inch, but this varies from person to person.

On top of inaccurate results from physical variations, hair testing is usually much more reliable for daily users. If you only smoke marijuana once in awhile, its existence in the hair shaft is less consistent. Therefore, testing isn’t always as accurate.

Despite the issues, hair tests are still used by many industries to test their employees for marijuana use. The continued testing has lead to the development of a sub-industry of weed cleansing kits, shampoos, and supplements. These may be a good option if you are short on time, but a long-term natural cleanse is a much healthier option.

Can You Cleanse Your Hair?

You are probably familiar by now with the various cleansing kits available that help you flush your system from toxins. Typically these are sold to help drug users clean their systems from more potent drugs like cocaine and methamphetamines. Their efficacy varies by brand.

Have you been advised that a hair test for weed is your future? There are a few options on the table, depending on how much time you have of course!

Long-Term Cleanse – 90 days

By far the best option, it does take the longest to work properly. This option is best if you know well in advance that you are facing a hair test for weed. It takes at least three months to thoroughly flush your body of toxins, including urine, blood, and hair.

Unfortunately, if you have a hair test in your future, you will require the full 90 days to cleanse successfully. Although your blood and urine will test clean within 30 days, it takes another 90 days to rid the hair shaft of detectable THC.

Step One: Cease all marijuana and other drug use until after the hair test. There is no sense in cleansing if you keep contaminating your system.

Step Two: Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Drink water every single day while you cleanse. Increase your water intake to at least two liters daily, if not more. Drinking water won’t miraculously work, but a hydrated body will be encouraged to flush out toxins.

Step Three: Adjust your daily diet to reduce red meat and junk food intake. Foods that are high in sodium will only help your body to retain water. Water retention is not cohesive to toxin flushing. Increase the number of veggies and leafy greens you consume. Dark green vegetables support natural detoxification.

Step Four: Exercise on a daily basis. Fat tissues store marijuana molecules. This means the more fat you have, the more chance THC is trapped in your body. A hair test for weed will pick up any THC that is released from the fat and back into the blood stream.

Short-Term Cleanse – 1 week

If you are short on time, there are less guaranteed options for flushing the remnants of THC from your system. These rely on herbal supplements and hair products instead of the more natural healthy eating and exercise option.

Step One: Again, the most obvious step is to thoroughly stop smoking weed.

Step Two: Source a high-quality herbal cleansing kit. These kits consist of a daily regimen of herbal supplements that help to flush the system of all toxins. You will likely be running to the bathroom on more than one occasion. It’s important to source a kit from a well-established company to best ensure its safety. After three to six days, your urine and blood should test clean.

Step Three: After four to six days, your body is fully flushed. But, your hair will still contain traces of THC. Find a reputable hair detoxification shampoo to cleanse your hair of any remaining THC. Detoxing shampoos are acidic, and work to destroy chemicals and metabolites found in the hair shaft. Because it targets all toxins, it will also eliminate any weed metabolites. It is a harsh product, but the overall damage to healthy hair is minimal.

Temporary Cleanse – 2 days

The least recommended option is only to flush your hair and nothing else. If you don’t have time to cleanse your entire body, a quick fix is to focus on the hair. This option is only a temporary solution because any weed still found in your bloodstream will inevitably travel back into your hair follicles. You may still have a positive hair test for weed.

There is only one step to this process. Purchase the hair detoxification shampoo discussed above, and use within two days of your test. Not surprisingly, this is the least guaranteed option on the list.

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