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9 Hacks To Get Away With Smoking Weed In Public

Smoking weed in public, or consuming cannabis, in general, has never been easier than today. The sheer endless varieties of cannabis products make it easy to medicate without anyone noticing. Let’s take a look at the different options you have!

Try Vaping THC Liquid

Vape THC E-Liquid

Sometimes, the real challenge with smoking weed in public is dealing with the aftereffects. Smoke tends to stick to our hands, lips, and clothing. It’s common that smoking can have you smell for hours even if you blow it out in the wind. Vaping, on the other hand, provides very little residual smell. So, if you’re looking to be able to smoke and then be in public, getting a portable vape might be enough to keep you low-key. These days, many THC liquids have been mixed with terpenes, that makes it even more discreet because the smoke smells like candy or fruit or whatever you like.

Find Some Cigarette Smokers

Cigarette Smoker

One method to make yourself stand out less is to hide among the herd. Cigarette smokers are usually out in force near bars and restaurants. Just place yourself among them is a great way to hide out. First, cigarette smoke is relatively potent and can help to lessen the smell of weed. Second, sometimes it is easier to hide something in plain sight. People are less likely to question you if you act like what you are doing is ok. Plus, if you forget your lighter, you’ll be among the perfect crowd to borrow one.

Pretend you’re enjoying a drink

McDonalds Cup Joint

Have you ever heard of the good old McDonalds cup trick? If not, you need to try out this fun hack. Just get yourself a joint, and an empty fast food drink container (the kind with a plastic lid and straw). Cut the straw off a bit shorter, pop your joint inside, light up, and reassemble your cup to look like a soft drink.

Just take a “sip” to grab a toke. This won’t cover up the smell, but it will make you much less suspicious in a crowd.

Urban wraps

Urban Wraps

One way to disguise what you’re smoking in public is to make it look like a cigarette. Urban Wraps are designed for easy rolling, and once you’ve packed them up, they look just like any cigarette. If you fancy a public toke, you can feel more comfortable lighting up, especially if a few smokers are around. Even if people detect the scent of weed on the air, it certainly won’t look like it is coming from you.

One Hitter

Cigarette One-Hitter

If your method of choice is to smoke a quick bowl, then you might want to consider investing in a one-hitter. These small devices allow you to carry and smoke small amounts of weed in public, without requiring you to bring along all of your supplies.

Pre-grind your weed and load up a one-hitter if you’re planning for a quick toke in public, and you’ll be able to take an immediate hit with no one being the wiser.

Doob tubes

Doob Tube

If transporting your cannabis is a concern, you might want to invest in a doob tube for your joints. Pre-rolling a few for your time out in public and stashing them away in these handy containers. They’ll prevent you from crushing any joints you’ve rolled at home, and they keep the smell contained. Some are big enough also to fit a lighter. Therefore it can be a discrete way for you to prepare for public smoking.

The Right Neighborhoods

Right Neighborhood

Planning where you’ll go can be a great way to ensure things go well when you get lit in public. Some neighborhoods are more suited to green activities, either through their construction, or generally friendly atmosphere.

Prepare in advance

Prepare Joints At HOme

Smoking in public can be a hustle if you don’t prepare properly. Even if you bring everything, you need to roll a joint (papers, filters, weed and so on….) you still have to find a right spot to roll up where the wind does not blow away everything. Do yourself a favor and prepare properly before you head out.

One last thing before we stop…

Try Edibles

Consume Edibles in Public

If you’re not a big smoker, edibles are probably the best alternative for you. I mean it doesn’t get easier than this right? Just eat your cookie or drink your infused beverage and nobody will have a clue that you are getting medicated.

As you’ve seen (or read…) there are many options to consume your cannabis discreetly. As the market evolves, you will have even more options.

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