Vape Tricks

Smoking is a habit that’s been around for thousands of years. Smoking tricks are just as old. Thankfully, we’re no longer tied to fire-induced smoking. We can now vape and enjoy vaping tricks. Vaping is less harmful than smoking tobacco or other plant material. But it can be just as much fun.

Vaping is a better alternative to smoking. Vaping doesn’t have the same downsides that smoking does. Bad breath or body odor, burns, cancer, and dirty ashtrays, to mention a few.

Master or beginner?

Vaping is the name given to the use of a vaporizer. The entire process is simple and manageable. You apply heat to a liquid to generate the vapor you inhale.

The vapor that the vaper inhales is almost odorless. This makes it more acceptable in the modern world. You can avoid most smoking issues smoking by mastering the art of vaping.

You can also be cool by practicing vaping tricks. Vaping tricks are cool. They add an extra dimension to enjoying your vaping experience. You’re also less likely to annoy others while taking your enjoyment.

Vape Tricks: The Ultimate Guide to Vaping Art

The tricks here are not the only vaping tricks you can do. You can improvise your own and have as many variations as you care to. This is only a guide. Check out more tricks here.

The following vape tricks will get you started. When it comes to vape tricks, there is something for everyone. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned vaper, tricks add to the fun of vaping.



Dragon Vape Trick
One of the best tricks for a beginner is dragon vaping. This will leave you feeling like you are that ferocious mythical beast. And it’s so simple! It’s just blowing clouds through four holes in your face. It’s an impressive act!

How to do it

Take a long drag, without inhaling but only holding the vapor in your mouth. Then exhale simultaneously through your nose and each side of the mouth. If you master this, that Game of Thrones guest spot may be yours.

Ghost Hit

This has to rate as one of the top vaping tricks. It’s sometimes referred to as the mushroom or snap inhale cloud. And it’s also one of the easiest tricks around. It involves releasing a vapor ball, then snapping it back in again.

How to do it

Allow along drag of vapor to linger in your mouth for several seconds. Then push it all out of your mouth, all at once, in a ball. Then promptly inhale it all back in again. Isn’t that cool?

Waterfall Vape Trick

Don’t confuse this with the waterfall you find in rocky rivers. This trick is one of the funnest. You’ll love learning it. Have you ever wanted to look like a sorcerer dabbling with a potion? Then this is the trick for you. And even though it’s up there with the best vaping tricks, it’s easy for beginners.

How to do it

Half-fill a bottle with water and freeze it. Then breathe the vapor into the bottle and slowly pour it out. The vapor will roll out, just like a slow waterfall. Amazing! I told you vaping tricks are cool!

Tornado Vape Trick

Tornado Vape Trick

The Tornado is another vaping trick that’s up there at the top. And it’s simple to do. Just whip up a flat pool of vapor and give it room to spin like a tornado. This is the perfect vape trick for lovers of The Wizard Of Oz.

How it’s done

Start by exhaling vapor onto a flat surface. Make sure the vapor is as thick as possible for the best result. Start chopping at that flat surface, flicking your wrist up as you lift your arm. Make all these moves in a single swift motion. Try it and see how the vapor turns into perfect, tightly twisted spirals. Once you’ve mastered it, you’ll agree that this is one of the coolest tricks around.

French Inhale Vape Trick

French Inhale Vape Trick

Some people call this an Irish Waterfall. The vapor flows out through the mouth, and then back up through the nostrils. It’s similar to a waterfall, only in reverse.

How to do it

Take a drag without inhaling it and let the vapors settle. Then lower your bottom jaw and allow the vapor to come out naturally. As you do this, inhale through your nostrils. It’s as simple as that.

The Blowing Os

Blowing O Vape Trick

This trick’s based on the traditional blowing of smoke rings.

How it’s done

Fold your tongue back towards your throat while keeping the tip on the mouth floor. Pull your vape and inhale it back into your throat. Round your mouth in a nice oval shape. Then, with short pulses, push the vapor out. The vapor rings produced will be equivalent to the shape of your mouth. It’s as easy as that.

Vape Bend Trick

Vape Bend

This is a very impressive trick. With a well-formed vape bend, you”ll be seen as a master in the art of vaping.

How to do it

Blow a nice round ring through your cupped hand. Then follow that ring with your hand and direct it to the place you want it to be. This takes a lot of practice to get right. But, after you’ve mastered the technique, you can progress to other shapes.

Jellyfish Vape Trick

jellyfish-vape-trick -

We’re now getting to more advanced level tricks. One you should not fail to try is the jellyfish. It’s rated among the ultimate vape tricks performed by advanced vapers. Its other name – the ‘atomic bomb’ – gives a clear picture of what it’s all about. It’s a real crowd-pleaser, with infinite variations. Basically, you push a small O through the center of larger one. When they combine, they form either a mushroom or a jellyfish. This is a bit difficult to master, but practice will make perfect.

Triangles Vape Trick

Triangle Vape Trick

If you like more than just shapes, don’t worry. Triangles can also be made as an. In this case, you need to use of your hand to form the triangles.

How to do it

Start by making those thick and milky O-rings. Then use your hand to push and tap them into the shape into a triangle. It is as simple as that! Only, you’ll need to practice a lot to acquire the right timing.

Bane Inhale Vape Trick

Bane Inhale Vape Trick

The inspiration for this trick is Batman-The Dark Night Rises. It’s done by tweaking the French Inhale trick. The trick simulates the masks worn by the arch-villain, Bane.

How It’s Done

You first need to follow the French Inhale instructions. You also need to form gaps through which the vapor can stream through your teeth. For the best results, you also need inhale through your nose. I guess you now understand why this vape trick is for advanced vapers.


Vape Trick

These are not the only vape tricks you can do . You can improvise your own and develop your own variations. This has only been a guide. Once you’re well versed, you can perform vape tricks just the way you want to.

Tricks add fun to vaping. For vaping itself, you can find more information here. As well as having fun, vapers also stay healthy

Of all the tricks I’ve described, my favorite is the simple one of blowing Os. This trick is amazing, and yet few people can do it. Remember, not all people can bend their tongue. If you can, then this trick will remain exclusively yours. Not only will it give you pleasure. It will also give you kudos among other vapers.