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Green Up Your Christmas With a Weedmas Tree

Christmas season has officially started, and for most of us, that’s going to include buying a bunch of presents, baking Christmas edibles, and obviously, getting nice and high for the holiday.

If you need that extra little green holiday spirit, how about you toss out the classic Christmas tree and get a beautiful ‘Weed Christmas Tree’ instead?

“The Original Weed Marijuana Leaf Artificial Christmas Tree” is an actual real fake weed plant and it’s huge. The 7 ft (213 cm) beauty will tower over your Christmas dinner. 

The product description itself sounds like it was written by someone trying a bit too hard to relate to stoners, but I guess it works because we want this thing.

“This Pot Leaf Christmas tree will ‘light up’ the room and put your mind in the right head-space for holiday cheer,” it reads. 

“You’ll be able to relax and giggle at the marijuana leaves and decorate it as you please.” That’s a nice way of saying it doesn’t come with the ornaments or bow in the picture, by the way.

“This alternative Christmas tree is perfect for personal top shelf life at home or as a medical dispensary decoration. Green Wishes and Happy Holidhaze!”

Walmart actually used to sell the fake marijuana plant back in 2017 but pulled it from stores just a few days after people noticed. The marijuana tree will set you back $250, which is a lot of money for weed that won’t even get you high.

Leafly actually did the math and found out that you could get a real canna-Christmas plant (one that’s not in flower) for around $200. But if you live in a country or state where weed isn’t legal yet, you’re still better off with the faux-cannabis.

The giant weed tree is sold and shipped by Brands On Sale Inc., a costume and novelty company from California.

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