Grav Lab Stax - The First All Glass Modular Smoking System
Grav Lab Stax

Grav Lab Stax – The First All Glass Modular Smoking System

Mix and matching outfits, jewelry with a personal engraving, designing your own burrito at Chipotle–there’s nothing quite better than customizing something and making it completely your own, is there? With such a bevy of high tech products in the 420 world nowadays, you would expect the same amount of customization for pipes and vapes too, yet the most choice that consumers have is choosing one of four colors for their pipe, or maybe getting a specialty bowl or dabber for their rig. Not super exciting, right?

Enter the STAX collection from Austin based GRAV Labs – a unique assortment of modular bong pieces that allow you to build your dream water pipe from the ground up. Ever wanted to combine the base of your favorite beaker bong with the flared mouthpiece and built-in ice catch of another water pipe? Your dreams are now reality with this mind-blowing collection from GRAV Labs.

What is the GRAV Labs STAX collection?

GRAV Labs has been innovating since the company’s inception in the early 2000’s, from their popular Gravitron–a classy version of the gravity bong–to their unique Helix designs from real product engineers and designers. The STAX collection is a system of bong pieces that are easy to clip together to design the simplest or most complex water pipe you can imagine–it’s all up to you. You can choose from 2 basic pieces (a base and mouthpiece) to assemble a complete STAX water pipe, or add many, many more–the sky’s the limit.

The three main components of a water pipe

  1. The Base
  2. The filter or percolator(s)
  3. The mouthpiece
  4. (Extra) Any accessories: keck clips, bowl, ice pick, dabber, glycerin coils

STAX Bong Bases

Like any bong, you have to start with a good foundation. As you may already know, bongs can be classified according to the bases: straight tube bongs, beaker bongs, recyclers and more. Each type of base serves different purposes and functions, and neither one is necessarily better than the other–it’s all up to personal preference, which is why you choose your favorite base for your STAX bong.

Beaker bong bases:

If you’re looking to maximize your smoke filtration, then this is likely the best bong base for you. Beakers are known for their optimal surface area of water that ensures your smoke is filtered as efficiently as possible. Because these bases are also wider at the bottom and become more narrow at the top, they are slightly more stable than other types of water pipe bases. If you are worried about your water pipe getting knocked over and falling off your table, the beaker bong base could be a great option for you.

Straight tube bong bases:

These bases feature a straight, narrow column as the base. What’s cool about these straight stem bases is they save on space, which is perfect for someone smoking in a small space like an apartment or dorm room. These straight bong bases in the STAX collection also feature an additional built-in perc right in the base–if you’re percolator-obsessed, it’s definitely worth checking out some of these two-in-one deals, like the turbine perc straight bong base.

Flare and Dual Bases

These bases are not common in other bongs–yet another reason to love the STAX collection. With a flare base, you get the functionality of a straight bong base that’s slightly wider, allowing for two different percs built right into the base. The STAX dual function base allows you to double down on the amount of flower or wax you’re using for your next sesh–speaking of, simultaneous dabbing and smoking from the same pipe are now possible with this dual base, which also includes a hidden inline perc right in the base that will soften both smoke and vapor as you inhale.

STAX Mouthpieces

In any bong, there are two main types of mouthpieces: straight and curved (or angled). The STAX angled mouthpiece is great because you’re not straining your neck over your bong to inhale–the mouthpiece comes right to you for a smooth smoke sesh. However, the straight vertical STAX mouthpiece is as impressive in its own right: the famous Helix design makes an appearance in this vertical mouthpiece, filtering and cooling smoke to perfection as you inhale.

STAX Filters and Percs

How could we neglect the percs? The highlight of any bong, GRAV Labs is a leader in perc innovation and design. From glycerin coils you can throw in the freezer and then snap onto your bong for a chilly smoke sesh to intricate tree bong percs that will elevate any smoke sesh, the STAX collection is full of treats to design your dream bong. We’ll even let you in on a little secret: unlike a pre-built bong that has between zero to two percolators, you could hypothetically use as many percolators as you want in your STAX bong–feeling like adding on a STAX halo perc to your glycerin coil? Nobody’s stopping you.

How does STAX collection work and what are the benefits of a customized bong?

Aside from the fact that these pieces are made of top-notch materials with fantastic design and engineering, what’s so great about the STAX modular bong system? There are a few things: first, it’s super easy to clean: simply detach the pieces, and you’re free to scrub or soak them in your favorite cleaning method (for the best way to clean a bong, check out our cleaning guide here). What if a piece happens to break? No worries–just replace what you need. Unlike other bongs that are pre-built, you don’t need to replace the entire pipe–just the part that’s broken, saving you hundreds of dollars long-term. And how does this all come together? Your pieces are secured by keck clips–industrial-strength pieces of plastic that hold the bases, percolators and mouthpiece together, no matter how hot the pipe gets or how eager you are to inhale. If you’re not interested in assembling a personal pipe, GRAV Labs has come collections that come preselected as some customer favorites, depending on if you’re planning to smoke or dab more, and on your filtration preference. For dabbers, we recommend checking out the Orion package for its dab features. If you’re a big-time bong user, you’ve met your match with the Andromeda Kit–any kind of special feature you’ve ever seen available for bongs is in this baby, and it will not disappoint. For more of the latest and greatest in glass bongs and water pipes heading into 2019, check DopeBoo’s curated selection here.

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